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PCB - Mod® Electronics, Germanium Fuzz, For 1590B or 1590N1
PCB for a Fuzz Face style circuit with PCB mounted potentiometers. Its very low component count makes it a great beginner project. Builders can use preselected transistors from P-Q2N1309-SET-FF with its included resistors for R1 through R4 for a simple and great sounding germanium fuzz. If a builder wants to use their own transistors, the stock component values are also clearly labeled on the PCB. The transistor footprints fit P-SGP-001 sockets making swapping transistors a simple process so builders can experiment with a variety of types and values. This board was designed for a 1590N1/125B or C65-sized enclosure, with the potentiometers spaced 30mm apart. It can also be mounted using the two screw-mount holes with the potentiometers wired off-board. There are two screw-mounting holes which are designed for M3 screws.