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S-T1714Staking Tool - For Small Eyelets

Staking tool for small eyelets such as S-HEYE-B. Directions:

  • Drill hole using #42 drill bit
  • Insert eyelet
  • Flip board over onto a hard service
  • Center staking tool over the eyelet
  • Strike staking tool with hammer to clamp eyelet to board

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S-HEYE-BEyelets - Plated Brass, Small, .089” x .125” x .150”
Package of 10

Tin plated brass eyelets commonly used on vintage style pickups. The small sized eyelets are also great for smaller point-to-point projects such as DIY stomp boxes. The outside diameter of the barrel is 0.089” and the recommended mounting hole is 0.093” using a #42 drill bit.

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P-HTUR-33Turret Board - Black, 2mm, Loaded with 33 Turrets, 230mm x 70mm

230 x 70 mm, loaded with 33 turrets,2 mm board thickness. This is designed for a 5E3 board.

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P-HTUR-52Turret Board - Black, 3mm, Loaded with 52 Turrets, 258mm x 76mm
258 x 76 mm, loaded with 52 turrets, 3 mm board thickness. This is designed for a for a JTM45 board. Our turrets, part number S-HTUR-BX will fit on this board.
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P-HTUR-60Turret Board - 2mm, Loaded with 60 Turrets, 300mm x 60mm

300mm x 60mm turret board conveniently pre-loaded with 2 rows of 30 turrets. Save yourself some time loading the board and move on to building your project!

  • Accepts 2mm turrets.
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P-HTUR-ATurret Board - Blank, 2 mm, 180 Holes, 300mm x 60mm

Blank board 300mm x 60mm, 2mm thick Glass epoxy unclad laminate.

  • Accepts 2mm turrets.
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P-HTUR-XTurret Board - Blank, 189 Holes, 10-⅛" x 2-⅝"
Colors Available:
Blank board, 10-1/8" x 2-5/8", 189 3mm holes on 3/8" centers.

  • Blue, Green, Yellow: 2 mm board thickness
  • Black, Red: 3 mm board thickness
Starting at $5.43
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P-HTUR-STRIP-11Turret Strip - 127mm x15.875mm, loaded with 11 turrets
Turret strip, with 11 turrets. Measures 127mm x 15.875mm.
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P-HTUR-STRIP-23Turret Strip - 241.3mm x15.875mm , loaded with 23 turrets
Turret strip, with 23 turrets. Measures 241.3mm x 15.875mm.
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P-TB8-1-2Terminal Board - one 8 Pin socket, 2 x 6 lugs

Single socket, 2 rows/6 lugs per row, 4 mounting holes. Board dimensions 3" x 3". Terminals are not pre-wired.

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(3 pages)
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