Terminal Boards & Strips

Terminal Strip - Mini, 5 Lug, 3rd Lug Common, Horizontal
Package of 5
Mini size terminal strips, 1/16" thick phenolic, tin plated brass solder lugs and brackets on 1/4" centers.
Terminal Board - one 8 Pin socket, 2 x 6 lugs
Single socket, 2 rows/6 lugs per row, 4 mounting holes. Board dimensions 3" x 3". Terminals are not pre-wired.
PCB - Vintage Style Circuit Board, HS Treble Booster, Phenolic Board w/ mount
HS Treble Booster style circuit board made with a phenolic substrate for an even closer match to the vintage production boards. Phenolic boards are found in many vintage electronics before the use of fiberglass became common. This board is a recreation of the circuit board found in the Hornby Skewes ‘Treble Booster’ pedal. The board is styled after a version of the silicon Treble Booster but can be used for the germanium version as well. When drawing the layout, original boards were closely referenced to ensure a proper match and fit. The copper traces have a surface treatment providing protection from corrosion. This board includes a blank mounting PCB. This PCB sits directly beneath the main board to mount it directly to the enclosure using a screw. For a detailed drawing of the parts and connections originally used on this board, please see the layout drawing linked below.
Terminal Strip - Ceramic, 1 row, 4 slots, 2.5mm thread
Ceramic terminal strip, 1 row, 4 slots, 2.5mm thread.
Terminal Strip - 1 row, 12 turrets per row
1 row/12 lugs per row. 2 mounting holes. Board dimensions 5 ¼" x ½".