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Transformer - Audio Interstage, 10 mA

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Equivalent to Stancor A53-C. 1:3 ratio overall. Center tapped secondary may be used for push-pull grids.


  • Max. Primary Current: 10 mA
  • Impedance Primary to Secondary (Ohms): 10,000 to 90,000

UPC/EAN: 841358109713

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I was restoring a Freed-Eismann model 15 TRF receiver with two bad audio transformers. This AES transformer is small enough that I could mount two under the chassis and out of site. The sound quality is very good and with enough power to play very loudly on a 1920s Atwater Kent cone speaker (model E as I recall). I also was able to hide this transformer in the can of an AK 20 audio transformer with an open winding (melted out the tar in a stove top oven, gradually raising the temperature until the tar was soft enough to pull out the entire mess with one gentle pull.

Stuart Smolkin - June 21st, 2019

These transformers will work in about any 1920s radio. They are an inexpensive fix for most radios from the 1920s and can be used in other applications. They used to offer this transformer without the iron, just the coil by its self which could be used to replace the open coil in some radio transformers. That way you were able to keep the old transformer and have a new coil in it. I wish they still offered those. The only drawback on these is that they do not have as much bass to them as many of the original transformers had.

Rick01a - April 12th, 2019

I forgot to say that on the Atwater Kent model 20 radio the original transformers are in round metal cans. There is tar holding the old transformers in the can. I use a heat gun that is used to remove paint from walls to heat the cans and get the old transformers out. I had to clean and paint the cans black. I used five cotton balls in the top of the cans to hold the new transformers in place.

Tom Lewis - January 30th, 2019

I used two of these transformers in an Atwater Kent model 20 TRF receiver. The transformers fit inside the two metal cans that the original transformers were in. When looking in the radio you can't tell it has new transformers. If you take the radio out of the cabinet you can see the new wires, but that is okay. The radio now works.

Tom Lewis - January 30th, 2019

Perfect for restoration of Atwater Kent Breadboard radios 10 etc. Fits inside 3-tube unit TA and works perfectly. - January 19th, 2019

I bought a Freed-Eisemann broadcast Radio, NR6, from and estate. The two audio transformers were open. I bought two P-T156 transformers from antique electronic supply. There were $16.95 each. The new transformers were mounted under the chassis of the radio and can’t be seen from the top. The primary on the new transformers are the red and blue wires which are connected to the plate of each of the audio tubes. On January 13, 2019 the radio worked for the first time in years. I used an Arbe-III battery eliminator to power it. I don’t have a matching speaker so I used a modern one. I used an audio transformer that I took out of a small radio to go between the radio and the speaker. The transformer is for a 50C5 tube. The two transformers work fine in this application.

Tom Lewis - January 13th, 2019

Exactly as described in an application where physical size was critical. Electrically similar to a Stancor A-53C and the Hammond equivalent, but smaller.

Dave McClellan - December 9th, 2018

I bought this interstage for an older '65 Gibson GA-15 RVT. Figured I'd give it a try. From what I was able to find the original turns ratio for the Gibson interstage was like 2.4 to 2.5. Figured at worse I'd have to maybe tweak things a bit. Not sure how things may turn out for others with this amp, but the voltages, sound, response, etc using this interstage seems to be pretty much spot on. So, I'm going to run with this and see how it holds up to the test of time ;)

Tube-amp-a-roni the guitar'francisco treat... - October 9th, 2018

The interstage transformers worked very well in my Freed Eisemann NR-20. Thanks. Fred

Fred42B - October 3rd, 2018

These units work great to replace most audio transformers in the 20's battery sets. They are small enough to many times fit inside the original clamshell housings so the end result looks original. Out of the dozen or so I have bought I only had one that was defective. (shorts in the secondary winding) Test them immediately after getting them so you can send it back if it is shorted.

ron soyland - September 10th, 2018


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