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Transformer - Audio Interstage, Coil Assembly for P-T156

Transformer - Audio Interstage, Coil Assembly for P-T156 image 1
Customer image:<br/>"Replacement of an interstage transformer coil. "
Customer image:<br/>"Freed Eisemann Audio Replacement"
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Transformer - Audio Interstage, Coil Assembly for P-T156 image 1
Customer Images:
Customer image: "Replacement of an interstage transformer coil. "Customer image: "Freed Eisemann Audio Replacement"
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Coil assembly for P-T156. Use your own iron to preserve mechanical fit. Coil window is ½ x ½".

UPC/EAN: 841358109577
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Product Reviews

5.00 out of 5 based on 4 reviews
5 out of 5

This is my second order for these audio transformer coil assemblies. I have had a chance to test the (2) coils from my first order. I used them to repair mouse damaged F-E (Amertran) audio transformers in a Freed-Eisemann NR-7. They work well as replacements for bad coils. I bought this latest coil to repair a bad "audio" in an NR-6 Model.

- December 12th, 2019
5 out of 5

I bought two of these to replace the open windings in a pair of AmerTran AF-6 transformers in a 1923 Freed Eisemann NR-5 radio. By carefully disassembling the transformers I was able to re-assemble them fairly easily. The fit on the original core laminations is snug but they do fit and the snugness should keep the laminations from "singing". The radio works well even though the turns ratio is off. AmerTran AF-6 transformers have a 5:1 turns ratio, these are 3:1 so where the radio originally had a 25:1 gain through the transformers it is now only 9:1. This certainly does not prevent the radio from working well but it would be nice if these were available in the 5:1 ratio of the AF-6 and the 3.5:1 ratio of the AF-7 transformers that were used in later radios. Alternately a 4:1 ratio would work well in place of the AF-6/AF-7 combination found in many radios and would be closer for those radios that used two AF-6 transformers, like the NR-5. Hint, hint. But again, these will work well in many Freed Eisemann models from the 1920s and probably for other brands as well, especially the ones that had AmerTran originals.

- February 11th, 2019
5 out of 5

I bought a Freed-Eisemann broadcast Radio, NR6, from an estate. The two audio transformers were open. I bought two P-T431 Audio interstage coil assemblies to put on the existing transformers. Unfortunately they did not fit. I sent them back and ordered two P-T156 Audio interstage transformers. They worked fine and I was able to mount them under the chassis so they can’t be seen.

- January 22nd, 2019
5 out of 5

This replacement coil worked out well for restoring the (2) audios in a 1925 Freed Eisemann NR-7 radio. Specs: Primary 425 Ohms. Secondary 1525 Ohms. 73, WB6FBF

- January 21st, 2019

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