Transformers & Chokes

Transformer - 42TM022, Audio & Signal, 1.5KΩ:600Ω, PC Mount
Small 42TM022 audio transformers with a 1.5KΩ:600Ω impedance. This transformer is a popular choice for octavia style builds as well as ring modulators. The leads are soft metal wire and can be adjusted to fit a variety of applications. RoHS compliant. Rated for 200mW.
Transformer - Hammond, 2W Audio Miniature Epoxy Potted
  • Perfect for audio input, line matching, isolation or output transformer applications.
  • 2 watt (± 1.5 dB, 300 Hz. - 50 kHz.).
  • Epoxy potted in an attractive black molded case, Pin type P.C. board mount (min. 0.187" length).
  • Power level ratings are maximum at lowest frequency rating
  • Power can be increased slightly at higher frequencies.
  • Will withstand soldering for 10 sec. @ 260 degrees C, ambient temp. 85 degrees C max.