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Transformers & Chokes

Marshall - Marshall guitar amplifiers are among the most recognized in the world. They are known for their Marshall "crunch".
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P-TM800-C-CEFilter Choke - Marshall Replacement, for JCM800
Replacement filter choke for Marshall JCM800s.
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P-T1750X-MARSHALLTransformer - Hammond, Output, replacement for Marshall
  • Replacements for Marshall Amps
  • Designed for drop in replacement of original units.
  • Physically, parts were designed to look similar to original factory units (where possible).
  • Material used & design specs. were kept as close as possible to the original part to preserve the stock "tone".

Starting at $37.50
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P-TMJTM30-OTransformer - Marshall, Output, 30 W, for JTM30
Genuine Marshall™ 30 watt output transfomer for JTM30.
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P-TM-P50Transformer - Marshall Replacement, Power, 50 W

A good upgrade for later issue Marshall amplifiers. Good replacement for JMP and JCM 800s for EL34!

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P-TM-P100Transformer - Marshall Replacement, Power, 100 W

100 watt replacement power transformer for Marshall. Good replacement for JMP and JCM800s for EL34! Built to vintage specs with exact interleave ratios and materials. Gives great classic sound. Great for upgrading later issue Marshall amps.

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P-TM950PTransformer - Marshall, Power, 50 W, for JCM 900

Genuine Marshall™ 50 watt power transformer for JCM900.

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P-TM950OTransformer - Marshall, Output, 50 W, for JCM 900

Genuine Marshall™ output transformer for JCM900 and JCM2000.

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P-TM45OTransformer - Marshall, Output, for JTM45

Genuine Marshall™ output transformer for JTM45.

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P-TM9100OTransformer - Marshall, Output, 100 W, for JCM900

Genuine Marshall™ 100 watt output transformer for JCM900 and JCM2000.

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