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Transformer - Hammond, Line Step Up Isolation, Toroidal, 500 VA
Capacity: 500 VA
Dimensions: 9" long by 6" wide by 4" height
  • Primary 120VAC, 50/60 Hz., Secondary 240VAC.
  • Provides circuit isolation.
  • Toroidal transformer for high isolation, low noise, light weight cool operation and low profile.
  • 50 or 60 Hz.
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P-T1182-40Transformer - Hammond, Toroidal Power, 40V / 80V secondary

Dual 117/234 VAC primary, 50/60 Hz. operation. 80 V series, 40 V parallel secondary.

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P-TBFT-1BTransformer - One Electron, BFT-1B, Power

The BFT-1B from One Electron was designed to power a stereo amplifier using UBT-1's in each channel but will also power an 80 watt push-pull tube amplifier. The BFT-1B is slightly larger than earlier versions of the BFT-1, allowing lower flux density and cooler operation. The tapped high-voltage windings and three filament windings provide flexibility in design. An electrostatic shield between the primaries and secondaries reduces power-line noise coupling. The primary arrangements allows use on virtually any power grid in the world.

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Transformer - Hammond, Step-Up, 500VA

Capacity: 500VA Features:

  • Single winding does not provide isolation, for use where equipment is already isolated and only voltage change is required.
  • World wide applications, 50 or 60 Hz.

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P-TM950PTransformer - Marshall, Power, 50 W, for JCM 900

Genuine Marshall™ 50 watt power transformer for JCM900.

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Transformer - Hammond, High Voltage Universal Plate & Filament, Horizontal mount
  • Primary: Universal - 100, 110, 120, 200, 220,230, 240 VAC 50/60 Hz.
    • NOTE: units are designed to operate with BOTH primary windings engaged.
    • See primary wiring information under resources.
  • Bias Tap: 50 VAC tap from high voltage secondary C.T.

Starting at $111.62
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P-TM45PTransformer - Marshall Replacement, Power for JTM45

Replacement power transformer for Marshall JTM45.

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P-T143Transformer - Hammond, Power, 350-0-350V, 70-90 mA

Custom manufactured to replace most 6 and 7 tube sets of the early 1930s. Supplied with vertical mounting shells. Provides a seperate filament winding for audio output stages. Specifications Rating: 350-0-350 V, 70 or 90 mA (if 5 V winding is used with 2 A rectifier) Windings: 5 V, 3 A; 2.5 V, 7.5 A; 2.5 VCT, 3.5 A Mounting Centers:2 x 2.625" Weight: 4.2 lbs. Overall Height: 3.12"

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P-T1182-24Transformer - Hammond, Toroidal Power, 24V / 48V secondary

Dual 117/234 VAC primary, 50/60 Hz. operation. 48 V series, 24 V parallel secondary.

Starting at $104.55
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P-TM-P100Transformer - Marshall Replacement, Power, 100 W

100 watt replacement power transformer for Marshall. Good replacement for JMP and JCM800s for EL34! Built to vintage specs with exact interleave ratios and materials. Gives great classic sound. Great for upgrading later issue Marshall amps.

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(12 pages)
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