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P-TF413160Transformer - Fender, Power, for Deluxe Reverb 120V

Genuine Fender power transformer designed for use in the ‘65 Deluxe Reverb as well as the ‘68 Deluxe. Made to original fender specifications. 120V Primary

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P-T1182-12Transformer - Hammond, Toroidal Power, 12V / 24V secondary

Dual 117/234 VAC primary, 50/60 Hz. operation. 24 V series, 12 V parallel secondary.

Starting at $45.84
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P-T1182-110Transformer - Hammond, Toroidal Power, 110V / 220V secondary

Dual 117/234 VAC primary, 50/60 Hz. operation. 220 V series, 110 V parallel secondary.

Starting at $42.75
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P-TUBT-3Transformer - One Electron, Output, 3000 Ω to 16/8/4 Ω

The UBT-3 from One Electron is the same size and power (15 watts) as the UBT-1, but has a primary impedance suitable for single or paralleled tubes running at B+ voltages of 300 to 400 volts, such as: 2A3, WE 300B, 50, etc.

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P-T125HTransformer - Hammond, Output, 8 W, 10k Primary

Specifications Audio Watts: 8 watts Primary Impendance (Ohms): 10K center-tapped Secondary Impendance (Ohms): 2/4/8 Mounting centers: 2-3/8u-bracket Weight: 1.0 lbs. Cat. No. Dimensions (Inches) A B C D G Mtg. Hole 125H 2.81 1.4 1.7 2.36 0.187

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P-T171XTransformer - Hammond, Isolation / plug & receptacle
  • Primary 115VAC, 50 / 60 Hz., Secondary 115VAC
  • Provides complete circuit isolation.
  • Electrostatic shield between primary & secondary to greatly attenuate surges and noise.
  • Hi-pot tested to 2 KV RMS.
  • Circuit breaker in primary.
  • Standard 3-wire, grounded plug & receptacle.
  • Input (primary) connected to 5 foot long cord & standard North American plug (NEMA 5-15P).
  • Output (secondary) connected to 1 foot long "pig tail" cord, 3-wire, standard North American grounded receptacle (NEMA 5-15R).
  • North American Mark of Safety - C UL & UL listed (File #E211544)
  • Indoor use only
  • Remember - These units do NOT convert line frequency

Starting at $87.42
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P-T270CBXTransformer - Hammond, Power, 250-0-250 V, 100 mA
Primary 115 VAC 60 Hz.
Secondary DC current measured with cap. input filter, full wave (two diode) C.T., rectifier circuit.
Enclosed, 4 hole chassis mount.
Minimum 6 long leads.
2" X 2" vertical mounting centers.
Class A insulation (105 degrees C).
Hi-Pot test of 2000 V RMS.
Conservative designs - CSA certified (# LR3902).
Secondary: 250-0-250 V100 mA
Filament winding 1: 5 V2 A
Filament winding 2: 6.3 V3 A
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P-T166-24Transformer - Hammond, Low Voltage / Filament, Open, 24 VCT

Open style, chassis mount transformers with a 115V 60Hz or 117 50/60Hz primary and a 24V center tapped secondary.

Starting at $7.52
P-T166FB24: 9.6
P-T166GD24B: 16.8
P-T166JB24: 24
P-T166L24: 48
are special order items.
Note: some of these items are special order items.
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P-C194EChoke - Hammond, Replacement for Vox AC30 vintage
Replacement for Vox AC30 vintage

Inductance ± 15%
30 H

D.C. Current
100 mA


  • Designed for drop in replacement of original units.
  • Physically, parts were designed to look similar to original factory units (where possible).
  • Inductances measured at rated D.C. current.
  • Material used & design specs. were kept as close as possible to the original part to preserve the stock "tone".
  • Units are vacuum impregnated with polyurethane varnish for quiet and long life operation.
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P-TF36485Transformer - Fender®, Output, 50 W, 2 Ω

Fender® Original '59 Bassman Reissue output transformer. Equivalent to #036485.

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(19 pages)
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