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P-TM950OTransformer - Marshall, Output, 50 W, for JCM 900

Genuine Marshall™ output transformer for JCM900 and JCM2000.

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P-T146-XTransformer - Hammond, 146 Series, Audio Chassis Mount

Special Order Item


  • Small, economical, open, two hole horizontal bracket mount.
  • Insulated, color coded flexible leads, 3" long minimum
  • Frequency response 150 Hz. to 15 Khz. (+/- 1 db, reference 1000 Hz.)
  • When operating at impedances below nominal, power capability and the frequency spectrum are proportionately lower, conversely, at higher impedances power capability and frequency spectrum will be proportionately higher.

Note: special order items require additional lead time. See our page on special order items.
Note: this is a special order item.
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P-T1182-12Transformer- Hammond, Toroidal Power, 12V / 24V secondary

Dual 117/234 VAC primary, 50/60 Hz. operation. 24 V series, 12 V parallel secondary.

Starting at $45.84
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P-T140-XTransformer - Hammond, Studio Grade Impedance Matching, 140 Series

Studio grade frequency response: 20 Hz. - 20 Khz. (+/- 1 db, ref. @ 1 Khz.) minimum. Excellent frequency response utilizing a 80% nickel core providing high permeability combined with low losses. Designed for maximum bandwidth, lowest distortion at +10 dbm power level or less. Plated steel cans, adjustable height case bracket.

Starting at $59.51
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P-T1140-LN-XTransformer - Hammond, Line Input Transformers

Studio Grade Impedance Matching, 1140 Series. ​Designed with Nickel alloy cores for high performance and Wide Bandwidth. Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz ±0.35 dB, (ref. @ 1 kHz). Low distortion at levels up to +27 dBu @ 20 Hz. Excellent Shielding – Mu Metal enclosures

Starting at $65.09
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P-T167G120Transformer - Hammond, Low Voltage / Filament, Enclosed, 120 VCT
  • Primary 115 VAC, 60 Hz.
  • Secondary 120 C.T.
  • All secondaries center tapped, VAC (RMS)
  • Enclosed, 4 hole chassis mount.
  • Minimum 6" long leads.
  • Dual bobbin design - no electrostatic shield required.
  • Class B insulation (130 degrees C).
  • Hi-Pot test of 2,000V RMS.
  • UL listed (# E50394) & CSA certified (209651).

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P-TF36483Transformer - Fender®, Power, for '59 Bassman Reissue

Fender® Original '59 Bassman Reissue Power Transformer. Equivalent to #036483.

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P-TUBT-1Transformer - One Electron, Output, 1600 Ω to 16/8/4 Ω

The UBT-1 from One Electron is a low-impedance single-ended output transformer intended for parallel combinations of tubes running a B+ voltages of 250 to 325 volts, such as: two or three EL34s (triode connected), three 2A3s, two 300Bs, two 6AS7s, etc., as well as single sweep tubes run in 'enhanced-triode' mode, resulting in 10 to 15 watts of output power.

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P-T125JTransformer - Hammond, Output, 8 W, 2.5k or 4k Primary

Specifications Audio Watts: 8 Primary Impendance (Ohms): 2.5k/4K center-tapped Secondary Impendance (Ohms): 6/8 - 3.2/4 Mounting centers: 2-13/16u-bracket Weight: 1.0 lb.

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P-T166-10Transformer - Hammond, Low Voltage / Filament, Open, 10 VCT
  • Open style, chassis mount transformers with a 115V 60Hz primary and a 10V center tapped secondary

Starting at $10.85
P-T166F10: 3
P-T166G10: 5
P-T166L10: 20
are special order items.
Note: some of these items are special order items.
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(19 pages)
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