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P-T125GSETransformer - Hammond, Universal Single Ended, 25 W, 100 mA
Transformer - Hammond, Universal Single Ended, 25 W, 100 mA max DC bias
  • Designed for general purpose or replacement use (not Hi-Fi), in single ended, tube output circuits.
  • Frequency response: 100 Hz. - 15 Khz at full rated power (± 1db max. - ref. 1 Khz).
  • For full frequency response (20 Hz. to 20 Khz.) - see our 1627-1642 series.
  • For push-pull output use, see our 125 series.
  • Open style with minimum 12" long primary & secondary leads.
  • All sizes use butt stacked cores (using 29M6 steel) with an air gap, to reduce D.C.
Special Order Item
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