Transistor Socket - Cinch, 3 Pin, Phenolic, NOS

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Machine Pin Socket - Preci-Dip, Break Away, 1 Row, 15 Position
High quality single row machine pin sockets made by Preci-Dip. These sockets are the break-away type and can easily snap into smaller sizes such as 5 separate transistor sockets.
Transistor - BC549, General Purpose, TO-92 case, NPN
The BC549 is a silicon general purpose NPN transistor in a TO-92 package. The BC549’s typical applications include signal processing, amplification, and switching. The BC549 is available in two different gain ranges: BC549B and BC549C. Type hFE (IC=2mA, VCE=5V) BC549B 200-450 BC549C 420-800
Starting at $0.25
Transistor - BC108, TO-18 case, NPN
BC108 NPN silicon transistors. The BC108 is a popular NPN choice for fuzz pedals and other effects such as vintage silicon Fuzz Face builds and Big Muff clones. Type hFE (IC=2mA, VCE=5V) hfe (IC=2mA, VCE=5V, f=1KHz) BC108A 110-220 125-260 BC108B 200-450 240-500 BC108C 420-800 450-900
  • NPN polarity
  • Collector emitter breakdown voltage 25V
  • Collector base breakdown voltage 30V
  • Collector current 200mA
  • Power 0.75W
  • Transition frequency 150MHz
  • TO-18 case
  • Weight 0.35g
Transistor - 2N5089, TO-92 case, NPN
General purpose low level, low noise amplifier. Silicon NPN transistor.
Transistor - 2N5088, Bipolar, General Purpose
2N5088 NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor in TO-92 package
Transistor - BC183, General Purpose, TO-92 case, NPN, Gain Sorted
The BC183 is a general purpose NPN transistor in a TO-92 case. The BC183 is commonly used in fuzz pedals and has a reputation as a warm sounding silicon transistor for fuzz. The BC183 is available in three different gain ranges: BC183A, BC183B, and BC183C. Type hfe (IC=2mA, VCE=5V, f=1KHz) BC183A 125-260 BC183B 240-500 BC183C 450-900
Starting at $0.25
Transistor - BC184, General Purpose, TO-92 case, NPN
The BC184 is a general purpose NPN transistor in a TO-92 case. The BC184 is commonly used in fuzz pedals and has a reputation as a warm sounding silicon transistor for fuzz. BC184 was used in various Colorsound pedals - Jumbo Tone Bender, Supa Tone Bender, Power Boost, etc. It was also used in the Schaller Fuzz, and has been used in fuzz pedals from well-known builders such as Skreddy Pedals, D*A*M, and Stu Castledine.
Transistor Socket - Mill Max, 3 Pin, Machine Pin, Through Hole
High quality TO package transistor sockets by Mill-Max. These machine pin sockets make swapping transistors in pedals and other projects a simple process. These use a standard TO footprint so they are ready for use on PCBs with matching footprints.
Transistor - MPSA18, Darlington 200mA 45V NPN
NPN Darlington transistor (TO-92 package) - designed for high gain, low noise general purpose amplifier applications.
  • Max collector to emitter voltage = 45 V
  • Max collector to base voltage = 45 V
  • Max emitter to base voltage = 6.5 V
  • Max collector current = 0.2 A (continuous)
Transistor - 2N3904, TO-92 case, NPN
General purpose low-power NPN bipolar junction transistor, used frequently in hobbyist electronic projects.
Transistor - 2N404, Germanium, TO-5 case, PNP
2N404 PNP germanium transistors. The 2N404 is used in many fuzz pedals along with other effects. This transistor is in a TO-5 package with long leads commonly found on germanium transistors. For a higher voltage version of this transistor, see P-Q2N404A.