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Tremolo springs - Raw Vintage, nickel

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Most tremolo springs manufactured today are hard with strong tension and are 0.8mm thinner then vintage springs. This affects both the tone and feel of the guitar. RAW VINTAGE tremolo springs are the solution to this problem. In sets of 4 or 5, the change in weight and tension provide superb torque feel and stability creating fatter tone and thicker reverb. Wire Diameter : 1.3mm Overall Diameter : 8.86mm Nickel Plated Set of five

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Product Reviews

4.67 out of 5 based on 3 reviews

Easy to fit. There were 3 stock springs, put in 2 raw springs, then removed one stock, added in its place a raw etc. this way I didn't have to slacken the strings. Then adjusted the 2 screws to set the bridge the way I wanted and tuned. Have played one gig with them and I loved it. The 63 reissue felt easier to play, more responsive especially when bending and the tone mellower and thicker. A cheap way to really change your guitar for the better.

james simmons - March 21st, 2016

I tried these springs before and found them too dark and murky sounding. I decided to try them on a different guitar that was too bright, not due to the pickups but to other contributing factors, which for reasons, I did not wish to replace. The challenge was that wanted the six screw bridge decked on this particular Strat, able to drop tune, make double-stop chord bends etc. I knew I'd have to really tighten the claw screws to do that due to the looser tension of the Raw Vintage springs. Even when doing so, I still did not care for the darker tone, and they still allowed the bridge to be pulled up a bit on heavy bends. I solved this by replacing just the middle (of 5) spring with the original Callaham spring, but left the other 4 RV springs in place. That added the bit more tightness to firmly deck the bridge and also the tightness and liveliness of the sound I was wanting. So while it wasn't a perfect solution, it was a practical one and I'm satisfied with the results.

Bruce Grilli - July 9th, 2015

Better sound, better feel, everything as advertised. Have them on all my guitars now.
The sound change is subtle, but pleasant. It takes the metallic sheen off the sound. The feel is very much improved. So soft to play and easy to introduce subtle pitch shifts into the sound. A very enjoyable upgrade for my guitars.

GS - November 5th, 2014

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