Vacuum Tube Accessories

Covers - for Chassis Holes, Nickel-plated Steel
High quality chassis hole covers for a wide variety of hole sizes. These covers use tapered tabs that easily snap into the hole to securely hold the cover in place. If a more permanent solution is required, the metal tabs can be bent outward after installing to secure the hole cover to the chassis. These nickel plated covers are a great way to modify an existing chassis or cover up mistakes. This list shows some common hole sizes for a variety of parts used on amplifiers, pedals and other equipment.
Starting at $0.95
Covers - for Chassis Socket Hole, Steel
Steel plates for covering unused socket holes on modified chassis. These covers provide a safe solution for modifying any chassis. These covers use elongated mounting holes to fit a variety of socket hole sizes. P-ST9-CVR
  • 9 pin (noval) socket hole cover
  • 5mm x 3.5mm mounting holes
  • 27.1mm center to center

  • 8 pin (octal) socket hole cover
  • 6.5mm x 3.5mm mounting holes
  • 40mm center to center

  • 8 pin to 9 pin (octal to noval) socket adapter
  • Bottom mount 9 pin socket recommended
Starting at $2.50