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P-SS9-162Tube Shield - 9 Pin Miniature, 1-½" Tall with Bayonet Base
Made in China. Aluminum tube shield (with base), spring loaded, for short 9 pin miniature tubes like NOS 6386 with 1.50" seated height. (Too short to fit more common 9 pin miniature tubes like 12AX7 with 1.94" seated height).
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P-SS9-325-XTube shield - for 9-pin miniature, aluminum, multiple colors
Colors Available:

Protect your preamp tubes and customize them to suit your style with these colorful aluminum tube shields.

Starting at $1.18
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P-SS9-400Tube Shield - High Quality, Fits P-ST9-700 with Spring

New production, aluminum, 2" tall, for use with P-ST9-700 and P-ST9-700-PC.

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P-SS9-600Tube Shield - Belton, Push Twist for Socket P-ST9-AWS
2" tall, for use with P-ST9-AWS. Push/twist to chassis, no mounting centers. Belton manufacture. Aluminum sleeve with natural coil spring. Spring length: 26mm
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P-SS9-601Tube Shield - 2", China
2" tall, for use with P-ST9-AWS or P-ST9-AWS-CHINA
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P-SS9-325XLTube Shield - For 9-Pin, Aluminum, Extra Long

Extra long (70mm) aluminum tube shield for noval tubes. Ideal for tubes that are longer than a standard preamp tube such as the 6CG7, 12BH7, etc.

  • Includes shield base
  • Designed for longer than standard pre-amp tubes
  • Sold individually
  • Compatible with P-ST9-212

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