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S-B127XCarton - for tube egg crates, 15" x 15"

Cartons to hold tube egg crates S-B123, S-B124, S-B125, and S-B126. All sizes will fit the crates, but you may want additional vertical clearance for taller tubes. See S-B120X for the tube egg crate inserts

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P-SS9-600Tube Shield - Belton, Push Twist for Socket P-ST9-AWS
2" tall, for use with P-ST9-AWS. Push/twist to chassis, no mounting centers. Belton manufacture. Aluminum sleeve with natural coil spring. Spring length: 26mm
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P-ST9-224Socket - 9 Pin, PC Mount, Black Plastic
9-pin plastic tube socket commonly used for preamp tubes or EL84 power tubes
  • PC mount
  • ¾” chassis hole required (bottom mount)
  • 3/4” tail diameter
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P-ST8-800Socket - 8 Pin Octal, Ceramic
8-pin ceramic tube socket commonly used for octal based power, preamp, and rectifier tubes. Can be top mounted or bottom mounted, using unique ring mount. Great replacement for Fender, Marshall and others.
  • Convenient top or bottom mount capabilities
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • 1-1/16” to 1-1/8” chassis hole required
  • 1-7/16” oblong mounting centers
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P-ST8-807-PCSocket - 8 Pin Octal, ⅞" Fits in 1" Hole with Bracket PC Mount

Ceramic Tube socket used for octal power tubes, PC mount

  • Chassis hole: 1” to 1-1/4” depending on mounting (Top: 1” to 1-1/8”, Bottom: 1-1/4”)
  • Mounting Centers: 1-1/2” with oblong mounting holes
  • PC mount pins

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P-YJSHORTTube Converter - Yellow Jackets®, YJShort

The YJShort is shorter than the standard YJS converter, allowing for use in amps that do not have room for the standard converters. It is a specialized, current-limiting/voltage-conditioning adapter for use in most 20 to 100 watt amps which use 6L6, EL34, 6550 or 6V6 output tubes. All Yellow Jackets® converters come with JJ Brand EL84/6BQ5 vacuum tubes.

Starting at $54.59
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P-ST4-191Socket - 4 Pin, Ceramic Plate

Bottom mount ceramic socket has bossed mounting holes and recessed rivets to allow sub-panel mounting. Socket fits 300B, 811 size tubes.

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P-ST9-400Socket - 9 Pin, Miniature, Ceramic, Chassis Mount
9-pin tube socket commonly used for preamp tubes or EL84 power tubes
  • Bottom mount
  • 1-15/16” shield height
  • 25/32”/ .76” chassis hole required
  • 1-1/8” mounting centers
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P-ST9-700-PCSocket - Belton, 9 Pin, Crimped with Shield Base, PC mount
Belton 9-pin tube socket, crimped with shield base. Applicable for use with all types of electronic equipment using vacuum tubes.
  • Top mount, PC pins
  • 3/4” tail diameter
  • 1-1/8” mounting centers

  • Paddle saddle mounting
  • Phosphorous bronze pin terminal with tin plating
  • Glassfiber filled PPS Insulating material
  • Easy mount with collar attached socket
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T-7199-ADT-SETAdapter - use 6GH8A Instead of 7199 tube, 6GH8A Included
Package of 2
  • (1) T-7199-ADT
  • (1) T-6GH8A
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(13 pages)
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