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P-ST9-610-PCSocket - 9 Pin, PC Mount
9-pin Micalex tube socket commonly used for preamp tubes or EL84 power tubes. Applicable for use with all types of electronic equipment using vacuum tubes.
  • Top mount
  • 3/4” tail diameter
  • 1-1/8” mounting center
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P-SP8-477Tube Base - 8 Pin, Gold Coated Pins, 1.57" diameter
8 pin tube base with gold coated pins.
Outer Diameter: 1.57"
Inner Diameter: 1.52"
Height (not including pins or keyway): 0.80"
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P-ST9-700-PCSocket - Belton, 9 Pin, Crimped with Shield Base, PC mount
Belton 9-pin tube socket, crimped with shield base. Applicable for use with all types of electronic equipment using vacuum tubes.
  • Top mount, PC pins
  • 3/4” tail diameter
  • 1-1/8” mounting centers

  • Paddle saddle mounting
  • Phosphorous bronze pin terminal with tin plating
  • Glassfiber filled PPS Insulating material
  • Easy mount with collar attached socket
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P-TB9-1-3Terminal Board - 1 x 9 Pin Socket
Single socket. 3 rows/6 lugs per row, 6 mounting holes. Board dimensions 3 ¾" x 3". Terminals are not pre-wired.
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P-TB9-MK3Terminal Board - 2 x 9 Pin Socket, for Dynaco Mark III
For Dynaco Mark III. Dual socket, 2 rows/11 lugs per row, 4 mounting holes. Board dimension 4.25" x 3.45". 0.125" thickness.
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P-SS9-601Tube Shield - 2", China
2" tall, for use with P-ST9-AWS or P-ST9-AWS-CHINA
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P-ST9-AWSSocket - Belton, 9 Pin, for Auto-Wave Soldering
Belton 9-pin tube socket specifically designed for auto-wave soldering. Applicable for all types of electronic equipment using vacuum tubes.
  • 3/4” PC hole
  • 1-1/8” mounting centers

  • Safety attachment with 3 positions of mounting pins
  • Easy mount with the precise designed tube pins
  • Glassfiber filled PPS insulating material
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P-SS9-161Tube Shield - 9 Pin Mini, Bayonet, J Slot, 1-½" Tall, Aluminum
NOS (Eby) aluminum tube shield (no base), spring loaded, for short 9 pin miniature tubes like NOS 6386 with 1.50" seated height. (Too short to fit more common 9 pin miniature tubes like 12AX7 with 1.94" seated height).
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P-YJS-XTube Converter - Yellow Jackets®, YJS

The YJS is a specialized, current-limiting/voltage-conditioning adapter for use in most 20 to 100 watt amps that use 6L6, EL34, 6550 or 6V6 output tubes. The YJS is for amps with fixed bias power tubes. (Fixed bias tubes have their cathode connected directly to ground and a negative DC voltage applied to their control grid). All Yellow Jackets® converters come with JJ Brand EL84/6BQ5 vacuum tubes.

Starting at $44.95
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P-SP4-477CTube Base - 4-Pin, Ceramic

4 pin, ceramic tubes base, 1 ¼" diameter - 1 1/16" tall.

You save: 51%
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(13 pages)
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