Vacuum Tube - 12SK7GT, Pentode, Remote Cut-Off, RF

Vacuum Tube - 12SK7GT, Pentode, Remote Cut-Off, RF

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New-Old-Stock (NOS) tube.

The 12SK7GT is a single ended cathode type super control pentode primarily designed for amplifier service in radio or intermediate frequency circuit.s In properly designed superheterodyne circuits it may also be used as a mixer tube. An internal shield is brought out and connected to the #1 pin to facilitate perfect shielding. Further, through unique geometric design the control grid is isolated and shielded from all other elements of the tube and an interpin base shield which is connected to pin #1 in the base effectively shields the base pins from each other.

The 12SK7GT is a glass tube equipped with a small octal base and metal base shell ring. It is interchangeable with its metal equivalent type 12SK7 and under normal operating conditions will require no additional shielding other than that afforded by the tube design itself. The 12SK7GT is similar in characteristics to the 6SK7GT in all but filament characteristics and was designed primarily for use in transformerless compact receivers.

Also known by US military identifier VT-131.

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