Vacuum Tube - 5881, Classic Series, Psvane

Vacuum Tube - 5881, Classic Series, Psvane

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Vacuum Tube - 5881, Classic Series, Psvane image 1Vacuum Tube - 5881, Classic Series, Psvane image 2
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The Psvane 5881 is a high quality beam power pentode with an octal base. The Psvane 5881 is noted for its outstanding sound and is an excellent choice for both guitar and stereo amplifiers. The 5881 is similar to 6L6 tubes but with a maximum plate dissipation of 23W.

The Psvane Classic Series is focused on the reproduction of popular vacuum tubes found in classic audio equipment. When designing the Classic Series, Psvane collected the most sought-after NOS tubes and analyzed each element of their construction, incorporating the most effective manufacturing techniques to produce stable tubes with excellent sound. Whether used in guitar amplifiers or hifi stereo systems, the Psvane Classic Series vacuum tubes excel in all applications.

Psvane has been producing high quality vacuum tubes since 2011. The Psvane team originally formed in Shuguang’s high-end tube division but eventually split off to form their own brand. Psvane has since acquired their own manufacturing facilities with the goal of improving the production and performance of vacuum tubes. Today they manufacture many top-rated tubes with more than 50 tube types available.

Apex Tube Matching
Matched versions of this tube use Apex Matching
Item ID:
Psvane, Apex Matched
Part Numbers
Single or MatchedOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
Apex Matched PairT-5881-PSV-MP
Apex Matched QuadT-5881-PSV-MQ
BaseSingle versionT-5881-PSVOctal
Base HeightSingle versionT-5881-PSV30.3 mm
Base Height Above PinsSingle versionT-5881-PSV17 mm
Base widthSingle versionT-5881-PSV34.5 mm
Bulb HeightSingle versionT-5881-PSV83 ±1 mm
Bulb WidthSingle versionT-5881-PSV37 ±0.2 mm
IfSingle versionT-5881-PSV0.9A
Max. PaSingle versionT-5881-PSV23W
Max. Pg2Single versionT-5881-PSV3W
Max. Rg1Single versionT-5881-PSV0.1mΩ
Max. UHKSingle versionT-5881-PSV200V
Max. UaSingle versionT-5881-PSV400V
Max. Ug2Single versionT-5881-PSV400V
Operating Ia(0)Single versionT-5881-PSV75mA
Operating Ia(max.sig)Single versionT-5881-PSV80mA
Operating Ig2(0)Single versionT-5881-PSV4.3mA
Operating Ig2(max.sig)Single versionT-5881-PSV7.6mA
Operating Load ResistanceSingle versionT-5881-PSV2500Ω
Operating Peale Negative Plate VoltageSingle versionT-5881-PSV14V
Operating Power OutputSingle versionT-5881-PSV6.7W
Operating SSingle versionT-5881-PSV100µA/V
Operating Total Harmonic DistortionSingle versionT-5881-PSV10%
Operating UaSingle versionT-5881-PSV250V
Operating Ug1Single versionT-5881-PSV14V
Operating Ug2Single versionT-5881-PSV250V
Total HeightSingle versionT-5881-PSV113 ±2 mm
UfSingle versionT-5881-PSV6.3V
Packaging Information
Packaging DimensionsApex Matched Pair versionT-5881-PSV-MP3.2 in. × 1.6 in. × 4.95 in.
Apex Matched Quad versionT-5881-PSV-MQ6.4 in. × 1.6 in. × 4.95 in.
Single versionT-5881-PSV1.6 in. × 1.6 in. × 4.95 in.
Weight (Packaging)Apex Matched Pair versionT-5881-PSV-MP0.2778 lbs.
Apex Matched Quad versionT-5881-PSV-MQ0.5556 lbs.
Single versionT-5881-PSV0.1389 lbs.
T-5881-PSV - Single versionBase Height Above Pins17 mm
Base Height30.3 mm
Base width34.5 mm
Bulb Height83 ±1 mm
Bulb Width37 ±0.2 mm
Max. Pa23W
Max. Pg23W
Max. Rg10.1mΩ
Max. UHK200V
Max. Ua400V
Max. Ug2400V
Operating Ia(0)75mA
Operating Ia(max.sig)80mA
Operating Ig2(0)4.3mA
Operating Ig2(max.sig)7.6mA
Operating Load Resistance2500Ω
Operating Peale Negative Plate Voltage14V
Operating Power Output6.7W
Operating S100µA/V
Operating Total Harmonic Distortion10%
Operating Ua250V
Operating Ug114V
Operating Ug2250V
Total Height113 ±2 mm

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Specifications, Files, and Documents

PDF: Datasheet for Single (T-5881-PSV)Datasheet for Single477.63 KB
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Product Reviews

5.00 out of 5 based on 2 reviews - April 28th, 2024
5 out of 5

I have only used these as voltage regulating variable resistor tubes in a tube regulated power supply and mainly because these are inexpensive. These tubes are sometimes referred to as "frogs" because the regulation or lack of amplification jumps around a lot. The anode voltage is 0 up to 730 volts, however it's all relative to the cathode voltage which is 0 to 600 volts, so technically the plates only really see 130 volts in reference to 600 volts on the cathode making the anode voltage only 130 volts. The screens get a constant 240 volts DC. The grids vary making sure that as the load (current changes) a reference voltage keeps the cathode voltage steady to within +/- 1% below 200 volts and +/1 3 volts above 300 volts. At 600 volts output that is +/- 1/2%!!! So far no arcing or catastrophic failures that destroy the $420 main 1175 volt CT power transformer. The plate transformer is 1980 volts CT!!! WOW! This behemoth PSU delivers 300 watts of power or 600 volts @ 500mA fully regulated. I need SEVEN matched 5881 tubes, one 12AX7, one 6SL7, three OD3 gas regulators, one 5651 gas regulator, FIVE 5R4 rectifier tubes and a 6BQ6 sweep tube that puts out the grid reference voltage via 3 regulator tubes. A single 12AX7 and the 5651 regulated the bias voltage. I had been using 8 6P3 5881 Reflektor Saratov tubes in this unit and it worked quite well. These tubes are still made by New Sensor but I decided to put my money on the PS Vanes this go round. They have a relatively easy life, provided they stay matched. I recently obtained a Sorensen 1000 GBA, that cranks out 0 to 1000 VDC @ 1000mA. This tube regulated supply uses 6550s frog tubes! Between these two supplies we can design ANY TUBE AMP for bass, guitar, keyboard, pedal steel, electric violin, PA, or hi fidelity music reproduction. When it came due to replace the PSVane 5881s, I used two pairs in some Fender amps. They sounded quite good. I change these tubes out based on hours of use, not testing.

Tracy Y. - December 27th, 2022
5 out of 5

Bought a quad of PSVane 5881's.
So far impressed with the tubes.
I asked Antique to sell me a loose tube that matched the quad.
They obliged and order arrived earlier than planned.
Quite happy with the service received and products also.
As Arnold once said "I'll be back."