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Vacuum Tube - 6L6GC, JJ Electronics

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Customer image:<br/>"JJ 6L6GC"
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Vacuum Tube - 6L6GC, JJ Electronics image 1Vacuum Tube - 6L6GC, JJ Electronics image 2
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Customer image: "JJ 6L6GC"
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The JJ Electronic 6L6GC is the classic pentode built with the rugged construction that only JJ could deliver. At 30W, this tube delivers plenty of headroom. The highs are clear and responsive with warm mids and tight solid lows. Known for their reliability and articulation, the JJ 6L6GC is a great option for guitar amplifiers and Hi-Fi stereo equipment.

Apex Tube Matching
Matched versions of this tube use Apex Matching
Choose burned-in tubes for maximum stability and performance.
Single or MatchedOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
Apex Burned-In Matched PairT-6L6GC-JJ-MPB609722122818
Apex Burned-In Matched QuadT-6L6GC-JJ-MQB609722122825
Apex Burned-In Matched SextetT-6L6GC-JJ-MSB
Apex Matched PairT-6L6GC-JJ-MP609722122795
Apex Matched QuadT-6L6GC-JJ-MQ609722122801
Apex Matched SextetT-6L6GC-JJ-MS609722157476

RoHS Compliant

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Product Reviews

4.95 out of 5 based on 22 reviews



Everything is great fast service good product thanks

Ronald Long - June 16th, 2019

Perfect. Really close matched. And sounded very nice in a old madison amp. They biased so nice. Thanks again

William nimmo - May 13th, 2019

They worki fine. Well packed and prompt deliverty. Thanks

Mark .mcCornack - February 9th, 2019

JJ’s are hands down the best tunes you
can buy. I’ve replaced expensive vintage tubes with a basic set of JJ’s in vintage and modern amps and they brought out a much better sound and way more reliable that any other tube I’ve ever used. I don’t even look at any other tube brand anymore. EH’s are ok but not consistent.

Rob Vee - December 29th, 2018

Great service fast and reliable

Scott Lowry - August 6th, 2018

I have been using JJ 6L6GC tubes for many years and they consistently add 4-5 more output watts RMS (tested with my signal gen, scope, and a dummy load) and have held up to 490 vdc plate voltages.

thony1oadrunner.com - August 16th, 2017

The Ruby 6L6's that came with my new amp crackled and buzzed with all volumes and gains set to zero; I didn't want to pay the $80 return shipping fee for amp replacement and end up with the same thing. After asking 2 sites about 6L6 brands, both suggested JJ. Bought 4, arrived very quickly, and instantly fixed the problem with better bass sound as a bonus. JJ's work as great as they are advertised, what else do you want?

David Hudson - December 30th, 2015

Same quality I have come to expect in all of my replacement components. These live up to the job!

G.R.R. - December 29th, 2015

Worked great. Really cleaned up the tone in a hotrod deluxe.

Dave Davis - December 3rd, 2015

JJ's great sound for Fender Blues Deluxe. Nice and warm tone.

Robert MacDonald - October 12th, 2015


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