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Vacuum Tube - KT66, JJ Electronics

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Customer image:<br/>"JTM45 sounds great"
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Vacuum Tube - KT66, JJ Electronics image 1
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Customer image: "JTM45 sounds great"
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The JJ Electronic KT66 is a sonically faithful reproduction of the original tubes with a robust construction encased in a thick glass envelope. The JJ KT66 delivers a powerful 25 Watts with plenty of headroom. This tube has a tone that is warm, thick, and straightforward. With a more balanced sound than the 6L6GC, the JJ KT66 is an excellent choice for a full bodied tone.

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Apex Matched PairT-KT66-JJ-MP609722123136
Apex Matched QuadT-KT66-JJ-MQ609722123143

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Specifications, Files, and Documents

Product Reviews

3.50 out of 5 based on 2 reviews
3 out of 5

Bright, aggressive and probably the farthest from sounding like a genuine MOV-GEC valve. These can also draw way too much plate current, and will drift way off in a short period of time. This is about my last personal choice of a KT66. These also lacked the headroom of a MOV KT66. In my Conrad Johnson, these were horrible. They were okay, in a Kitchen 75 watt guitar amp, but I swapped these for Chinese valves.

- March 27th, 2015
4 out of 5

Take my review with a grain of salt as I'm a brand new KT66 user. And if you read enough around the interwebs, you'll learn that there are "real" KT66s (Genelex? Shaguang?). And there are "fake" ones - not true to the original design. And my point is, I don't know that I care. These JJ KT66s sound fantastic in my Fargen Miniplex MK2! I had a duo of Winged C EL34s in it and there was nothing wrong with that, very aggressive. But at Fargen's recommendation, I'm running one EL34 and one KT66 right now. Great growl and articulation as you continue to crank it. The JJs also seem very solid in terms of build. Heavy, pretty, built for business. I'd give 5 stars, but I just haven't tried enough 66s to know if they're that good. (I should note that I'm a pretty big fan of all JJ power tubes, but not their preamp tubes. They just seem to get the bigger bottles right to me).

- October 4th, 2014

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