Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.
Vacuum Tube - 6267 / EF86, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off
Pentode intended for use as A.F. amplifier.
Vacuum Tube - 6F6G, Pentode, Power Amplifier
Pentode amplifier designed for application in power output stages of receivers
Vacuum Tube - 6SG7GT, Pentode, Semi Remote
Remote-cutoff pentode designed for use as a high-gain radio or intermediate-frequency amplifier. Features of the tube include high transconductance, low grid-plate capacitance, and a dual cathode connection
Vacuum Tube - 7G7 / 1232, Pentode
Sharp cut-off pentode voltage amplifier designed for use in television or other high-frequency amplifiers where the low impedance circuits required result in low gain which may be partially compensated for by use of a high transconductance tube.
Vacuum Tube - 20LF6, Pentode, Beam
Beam power pentode designed for use in horizontal deflection circuits of color television receivers.
Vacuum Tube - 6DA6 / EF89, Pentode
High-slope R.F. pentode particularly suitable for use in F.M. receivers.
Vacuum Tube - 6K7GT, Pentode, Remote Cut-Off, RF
The 6K7GT is an indirectly heated pentode of the vari-mu (remote cut-off) type for use in the RF or IF stages of radio equipment.
Vacuum Tube - 7A7, Pentode, Remote Cut-Off
Pentode voltage amplifier using the lock-in construction. It is designed for RF or IF service in AC/DC receivers.
Vacuum Tube - 1LB4, Pentode, Power
Low-voltage, low-current drain, battery type power pentode. It is designed for service with 90 volts of "B" battery and a single dry cell "A" battery.
Vacuum Tube - 7H7, Pentode
Semi-remote cutoff pentode using the lock in construction. IT is designed for use as an RF or IF amplifier.
Vacuum Tube - 1LD5, Diode, Pentode
Diode-audio pentode designed especially for service as a combined diode detector and pentode audio amplifier. The diode plate is located at the negative end of the filament.
Vacuum Tube - 57, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off
Triple grid general purpose detector amplifier.
Vacuum Tube - 6DQ5, Pentode, Beam Power
Beam power tube for use as a horizontal-deflection amplifier tube in color and black-and-white television receivers.
Vacuum Tube - 6K6G, Pentode
The 6K6G is an indirectly heated cathode type power amplifier pentode designed for service in the output stages of AC, AC/DC and storage battery operated receivers.
Vacuum Tube - 12SF7, Diode, Pentode, Remote Cut-Off
Heater-cathode type diode pentode tube designed for use as a detector and intermediate-frequency or audio-frequency amplifier. Except for heater rating the 6SF7 and 12SF7 are identical.
Vacuum Tube - 6084 / E80F, Pentode
Special quality pentode designed for use as an amplifier
Vacuum Tube - 6AD7G, Pentode
Triode-power amplifier pentode
Vacuum Tube - 6B7, Dual Diode, Pentode
Consists of two diodes and a pentode utilizing a common cathode. It is designed for service as a combined detector, AVC rectifier, and pentode amplifier.
Vacuum Tube - 6EQ7, Diode, Pentode
Diode and a remote cutoff pentode with a common cathode of the 9 pin miniature type especially designed for use as combined IF amplifier and AM detector tubes in AM and AM/FM broadcast receivers.
Vacuum Tube - 6HF8, Triode, Pentode
High-mu triode and sharp-cutoff pentode in the 9 pin miniature construction. It is intended for use in color and black-and-white television receivers.
Vacuum Tube - 6HS6, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off, RF
Sharp cutoff pentode of the 7 pin miniature type with heater having controlled warm-up time.
Vacuum Tube - 7189A, Pentode, Beam
New Old-Stock (N.O.S.) tube. The 7189A is a power-amplifier pentode designed for use in the audio-frequency power output stage of television and radio receivers and high-fidelity amplifiers.
It differs from the 7189 in having a higher screen-voltage rating and in specifying the internal connections to pins 1 and 6.
Vacuum Tube - 6DC8 / 6AD8 / EBF89, Dual Diode, Pentode
Double diode remote cut-off pentode for use as an R.F. or I.F. amplifier.
Vacuum Tube - 6U7G, Pentode, Remote Cut-Off
Triple grid remote cut-off amplifier. It is suitable for use with AVC in RF and IF amplifiers and minimizes cross modulation. Its electrical characteristics are similar to those of the 6D6.