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Vacuum Tubes

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19J6 - Triode, Dual
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350A - Tetrode, Western Electric
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4H4C - Ballast Tube
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6550A - Beam Power Amplifier, Tubular Glass
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6AQ6 - Diode, Dual - Triode
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6CY7 - Triode, Dissimilar Double
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6AG7/6AK7 - Pentode, Power
6AG7/6AK7 - Pentode, Power
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T-7581A-TUNG7581A - Tung-Sol
Multiple Options Available

Rated for more power than the standard 7581 (35W plate dissipation vs 30W plate dissipation).

Starting at $24.75
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T-EL84-SETEL84 Tube Sampler Set - 9 Tubes Total
Sampler set of EL84 vacuum tubes. Contains one each of the following:

  • T-EL84-EH (Electro-Harmonix EL84)
  • T-EL84-GEN (Genalex Gold Lion EL84)
  • T-EL84-JJ (JJ Electronic EL84)
  • T-EL84-MUL (Mullard Reissue EL84)
  • T-EL84-SOVT (Sovtek EL84)
  • T-EL84-TUNG (Tung-Sol EL84)
  • T-EL844-JJ (JJ Electronic EL844)
  • T-EL84M-SOVT (Sovtek EL84M)
  • T-EL84-TAD (Tube Amp Doctor EL84)
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(87 pages)
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