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P-YJRSolid State Tube Rectifier - Yellow Jackets®, YJR

The YJR is a direct plug-in replacement adapter for use in most amplifiers that use 5AR4/GZ34, 5U4, 5Y3 or similar full-wave rectifier tubes. The YJR converts your amp’s vacuum tube rectifier to a solid state rectifier, reducing tube sag for a tighter sound and feel. The tube rectifier can easily be swapped back in when sag is desired. This Yellow Jacket® is a solid state device and as such does not come with vacuum tubes.

  • Converts most audio amplifiers which use a vacuum tube rectifier 5AR4/GZ34, 5U4 or 5Y3 to a solid state device.
  • Safe for all common amplifiers and transformers.

Note: Because there is no warm up of a rectifier tube when using this solid state device, it is critical that a standby switch is used that will allow the power tube filaments to warm up before high voltage is applied.

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T-50L6GT50L6GT - Beam Power Amplifier
50L6GT - Beam Power Amplifier
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T-12AX7WA-SOVT12AX7WA - Sovtek

9 pin miniature preamp tube (Amplification Factor = 100). This Russian tube has strong lows and bright highs. Its lows demand attention when playing full bar chords. In overdrive, it offers a lot of crunchy fizz.

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T-12AU7-JJ-X12AU7/ECC82 - JJ Electronics

The JJ 12AU7 is built in the same fashion as the legendary 12AX7 JJ. Solid construction and extreme attention to detail make this tube one of the best preamp tubes in production today. Available with gold pins

Starting at $9.95
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T-6V6GT-EH6V6GT - Electro-Harmonix

Octal power tube (Max Plate Watts = 14W) Beam power tetrode with a specially developed cathode coating, careful alignment of the grid, tri-alloy plate material for flawless performance up to 475 volts. Perfect for high plate voltage amplifiers like the Fender Deluxe Reverb.

Starting at $18.95
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T-12AY7-EH12AY7/6072A - Electro-Harmonix

Electro-Harmonix 12AY7/6072 Twin triode preamplifier tube used in Fender Tweed amplifiers.

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T-12AX7LPS-SOVT12AX7LPS - Sovtek

9 pin miniature preamp tube (Amplification Factor = 100). This Russian tube is full bodied and well balanced. It has a high gain with a very smooth presentation. In overdrive, it is not quite as defined as the 12AX7-S-JJ, but it offers more crunchy fizz.

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T-12DW7-JJ-X12DW7/ECC832 - JJ Electronics

ECC832 is 12DW7 pre-amplifying double triode. It combines 12AX7 and 12AU7, where the 12AX7 is used as 1st stage and the 12AU7 as 2nd stage. Available with gold pins

Starting at $10.90
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T-12AX7-CHINA12AX7 - China

9 pin miniature preamp tube (Amplification Factor =100). This ubiquitous Chinese tube is straightforward and bright. Its high gain gives it some bite, too. In overdrive, it brings out the highs and offers easy access to harmonic sustain.

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T-6CA4-JJ6CA4 / EZ81 - JJ Electronics

Double anode rectifying tube. EZ81 is 6CA4 Noval base rectifier diode for guitar or HiFi amplifiers.

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(85 pages)
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