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Vacuum Tubes

The first electronic amplification of sound was done with Vacuum Tubes. We have pre-amp, power and rectifier vacuum tubes among other types in New Old Stock from the golden era of American & European manufacturing as well as current production tubes from today.

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T-12AX7-SET-EH_JJTube Set - 12AX7 Set, One EH and One JJ
Two 12AX7s. One of each of the following:

  • JJ Electronic 12AX7
  • Electro-Harmonix 12AX7
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T-12AX7-SET_MINITube Set - Mini 12AX7 Sampler, 5 Total

Five 12AX7s. One of each of the following:

  • 12AX7-S JJ Electronic
  • 12AX7A-C5 Ruby Tubes
  • 12AX7WA Sovtek
  • 12AX7 Electro-Harmonix
  • 12AX7 Tung-Sol

We reserve the right to substitute another tube if one is unavailable or out of stock.

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T-12AX7-SETTube Set - 12AX7 Sampler, 10 Total

Ten 12AX7s. One of each of the following:

  • 12AX7-S JJ Electronic
  • 12AX7 Mullard
  • 12AX7 Premium Selected TAD
  • 12AX7A-C5 Ruby Tubes
  • 12AX7WA Sovtek
  • ECC803-S JJ Electronic
  • 12AX7B High Grade China
  • 12AX7-C Groove Tubes
  • 12AX7 Electro-Harmonix
  • 12AX7 Tung-Sol

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T-12AX7A-CHINA12AX7A - China

9 pin miniature preamp tube (Amplification Factor =100). This is the Chinese 12AX7A. The 12AX7A is a lower noise version of the 12AX7.

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T-EL84-SETEL84 Tube Sampler Set - 9 Tubes Total
Sampler set of EL84 vacuum tubes. Contains one each of the following:

  • T-EL84-EH (Electro-Harmonix EL84)
  • T-EL84-GEN (Genalex Gold Lion EL84)
  • T-EL84-JJ (JJ Electronic EL84)
  • T-EL84-MUL (Mullard Reissue EL84)
  • T-EL84-SOVT (Sovtek EL84)
  • T-EL84-TUNG (Tung-Sol EL84)
  • T-EL844-JJ (JJ Electronic EL844)
  • T-EL84M-SOVT (Sovtek EL84M)
  • T-EL84-TAD (Tube Amp Doctor EL84)
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T-7581A-TUNG7581A - Tung-Sol

Rated for more power than the standard 7581 (35W plate dissipation vs 30W plate dissipation).

Starting at $24.75
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6AG7 / 6AK7 - Pentode, Power

Metal, power-amplifier pentode primarily designed for use in the output stage of video amplifiers. The tube is capable of operating at high plate current levels and exhibits high transconductance and high power sensitivity.

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T-6SN7-JJ6SN7 - JJ Electronics
JJ Electronic 6SN7 dual triode, medium MU vacuum tube.
JJ Electronics commitment to producing high quality, rugged products makes this an excellent driver tube in hi-fi applications. Made in the Slovak Republic.
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T-12BH7-A-JJ12BH7-A - JJ Electronics

The JJ Electronic 12BH7-A preamp tube is a great choice for Ampeg SVT amps and the Blackstar HT-5 plus others. A favorite in many hi-fi applications.

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T-EL34-EH-BEL34 - Electro-Harmonix, Burned In

Most common power pentode found in British amplifiers such as Marshall, Hiwatt, Laney, and Sound City. The EL34EH defines the classic British rock sound of the 1960s and 1970s.

Starting at $41.40
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(86 pages)
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