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T-EL84-SETEL84 Tube Sampler Set - 9 Tubes Total
Sampler set of EL84 vacuum tubes. Contains one each of the following:

  • T-EL84-EH (Electro-Harmonix EL84)
  • T-EL84-GEN (Genalex Gold Lion EL84)
  • T-EL84-JJ (JJ Electronic EL84)
  • T-EL84-MUL (Mullard Reissue EL84)
  • T-EL84-SOVT (Sovtek EL84)
  • T-EL84-TUNG (Tung-Sol EL84)
  • T-EL844-JJ (JJ Electronic EL844)
  • T-EL84M-SOVT (Sovtek EL84M)
  • T-EL84-TAD(Tube Amp Doctor EL84)
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T-7581A-TUNG7581A - Tung-Sol
Multiple Options Available

Rated for more power than the standard 7581 (35W plate dissipation vs 30W plate dissipation).

Starting at $24.75
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6AG7/6AK7 - Pentode, Power
6AG7/6AK7 - Pentode, Power
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T-6SN7-JJ6SN7 - JJ Electronics
JJ Electronic 6SN7 dual triode, medium MU vacuum tube.
JJ Electronics commitment to producing high quality, rugged products makes this an excellent driver tube in hi-fi applications. Made in the Slovak Republic.
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T-12BH7-A-JJ12BH7-A - JJ Electronics

The JJ Electronic 12BH7-A preamp tube is a great choice for Ampeg SVT amps and the Blackstar HT-5 plus others. A favorite in many hi-fi applications.

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T-EL34-EH-BEL34 - Electro-Harmonix, Burned In
Multiple Options Available

Most common power pentode found in British amplifiers such as Marshall, Hiwatt, Laney, and Sound City. The EL34EH defines the classic British rock sound of the 1960s and 1970s.

Starting at $37.50
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T-6550-JJ-B6550 - JJ Electronics, Burned In
Multiple Options Available

Burned in for Maximum Stability. 6550 is a beam output pentode with an octal base and power of 35W. Very powerful and great for bass, guitar and Hi-Fi amplifiers. It delivers a little less power than the KT88 but with a fatter tone.

Starting at $75.40
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T-5881-JJ5881 - JJ Electronics
Multiple Options Available

5881 is a beam power pentode with a maximum plate dissipation of 23W in the classical short bulb. It is very similar to the 6L6 sound but with less power. It can be used in any 6L6 amplifier. Guitarist's Opinion: This tube is versatile with respect to playing styles. It is warm and tight with top end chime.

Starting at $19.75
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T-6EU7-TUNG6EU7 - Tung-Sol
Russian Tung-Sol 6EU7 tube. High-Mu twin triode with 9 pin miniature base.
Made in Russia.
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T-12AX7S-MG-JJ12AX7S-MG - JJ Electronics, Mid Gain

ECC83 MG is 12AX7 with Mid-gain, which means fuller and richer mids achieved by medium long plate. It provides a milder sound than the regular ECC83. Very low noise and microphonics.

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(78 pages)
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