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Vacuum Tubes

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T-6L6GC-MP-PV6L6GC - Peavey, Matched Pair
Peavey 'Super 6' 6L6GC
Matched Pair
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T-7868-EH7868 - Electro-Harmonix
Multiple Options Available
Electro-Harmonix 7868 power pentode tube with “novar” base. Made in Russia.
Starting at $29.50
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T-274B-VA274B - Valve Art

Valve Art, 274B Rectifier Tube

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T-6550-TUNG6550 - Tung-Sol Reissue
Multiple Options Available
Copy of the original type 3 Tung-Sol 6550 made in the 1960s. Triple getter, carbonized screen, and gold plated grid. The current production benchmark of the classic 6550.
Made in Saratov, Russia
Starting at $34.95
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T-5U4GB-EH5U4GB - Electro-Harmonix
Electro-Harmonix 5U4GB Vacuum Tube
Straight bottle full-wave rectifier.
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T-6146B-CHIN6146B - Chinese
Multiple Options Available
Available in Singles, Matched Pairs or Matched Quads - please select from list.
Starting at $27.00
On Backorder
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T-12AX7-SETTube Set - 12AX7 Sampler

Tired of all the hullabaloo when it comes to vacuum tubes? The 12AX7 is the most widely used tube today and is also one of the most important components in your tube amp's tone. The 12AX7 Sampler Set (includes 10 different tubes) allows you to try the most popular choices today and see for your self what the differences are. Preamp tubes can be easily swapped in and out of your amp without the need for biasing. We reserve the right to substitute any of these tubes with one of equal value based on availability.

  • 12AX7-S-JJ: JJ Brand.

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T-811A-CHINA811A - Triode, Power Amplifier, China
Multiple Options Available
Chinese 811A
Available in Singles or Matched Pairs - please select from list.
Starting at $21.00
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T-12AX7WB-SOVT12AX7WB - Sovtek
Sovtek 12AX7WB dual triode.
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T-6550-EH6550 - Electro-Harmonix
Multiple Options Available
Electro-Harmonix 6550 Vacuum Tube
  • Rugged beam tetrode power tube used in Ampeg SVT, Sunn, and hi-fi amplifiers.
  • Uses a special high temperature leaded glass for reliability and superior vacuum integrity.
  • Special high-temperature leaded glass for reliability and vacuum integrity.
  • Tri-alloy plate material for maximum power and dissipation.
  • Available in singles and matched tubes.
Starting at $31.25
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(87 pages)
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