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T-7025WA-TAD7025-WA - Tube Amp Doctor, High-Grade, Premium Selected

The TAD 7025 WA delivers full gain with smooth top end. No microphonic issues even with the most sensitive preamps. The 7025 WA supports a fat midrange and creates a bold tone with lots of overtones. Played clean the TAD 7025 WA delivers a warm liquid tone which is very responsive to dynamic playing. Overdriven the 7025 WA provides lots of sustain with well defined mid-range punch.

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T-ECC83WA-TADECC83-WA - Tube Amp Doctor, Premium Selected
The new TAD ECC83 WA Selected provides a stunning warm tone, thick midrange and sweet natural overtone harmonics. It has been designed by TAD with triple mica construction for low noise performance. Perfect for clean or moderate gain preamps as well as for high-gain amps from V2 position.
It's great dynamics, low noise operation and balanced warm tone makes the TAD ECC83 WA to be an excellent all-rounder with great value for money.
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T-12BH7A-TAD12BH7A-STR - Tube Amp Doctor, Premium Selected
The all-new TAD 12BH7A-STR combines the best sonic and mechanical performance of the NOS RCA black plate with advantages of the GE version. A maximum of reliability with outstanding tonal quality makes the new balanced selected TAD 12BH7A-STR the first choice for Ampeg SVTs, the Blackstar HT-5 and high-end applications.
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T-7025-CHINA7025 - China
7025 - 9 pin miniature preamp tube Made in China
Lower hum/noise version of a 12AX7/ECC83
Voltage gain rating:
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T-12AX7EH-312AX7/ECC83 - Electro-Harmonix, package of 3
This Russian tube is full bodied and bright with a more straightforward presentation. It packs a lot of bite with its higher-than-normal gain. In overdrive, it offers a lot of crunchy fizz.
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T-12AT7-TAD12AT7/ECC81-C - Tube Amp Doctor, Premium Selected

Low noise tube, selected for best symmetry and balance. A strong driver tube and a wounderfully rich-sounding reverb driver. Also used in the great Brocksieper EARMAX / EARMAX PRO headphone amps and other High-End Audio amplifiers.

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T-12AX7-SET-EH_JJTube Set - 12AX7 set, one EH and one JJ
  • (1) T-12AX7-S-JJ
  • (1) T-12AX7EH
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T-12AX7-SET_MINITube Set - 12AX7 Mini Sampler Set


  • (1) T-12AX7-S-JJ
  • (1) T-12AX7EH
  • (1) T-12AX7-TUNG
  • (1) T-12AX7A-C5
  • (1) T-12AX7WA-SOVT

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T-12AU7A-TAD12AU7A / ECC82 - Tube Amp Doctor, Premium Selected
High Performance Medium-Mu Twin Triode
The TAD™ 12AU7A/ECC82 Premium Selected, known for its pleasing sonic performance and rich tone, has strong systems which are selected to provide two symmetric triodes for stereo applications or ideal balanced driver stage; perfect choice for HiFi stereo applications and as a driver stage.
The TAD™ 12AU7A/ECC82 is a direct replacement for E82CC, ECC802, 6N10, 6189W, 5814A and others.
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T-12AY7-JJ12AY7 - JJ Electronics

12AY7 is a medium gain pre-amplifying double triode.

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