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Manufacturer:Airline (Montgomery Ward)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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Pilot '73

The Pilot model 95 is shown in
Rider's Manual, page Pilot 5-5. Add
to the schematic, the information that
the i-f. peak is 115 kc, The tube place-
ment is as follows, looking towards the
rear of the chassis, with the tuning knob
nearest to you: To the right of the 1st
i-f, transformer, the 6A7. Between the
two i-f. transformers, the 6D6. To the
left of the 2nd i-f. unit, the 75 demodu-
lator. Immediately to the left of the
speaker transformer, the 2525 and on
line, but to the rear of the volume con-
trol, is the 43 output tube. The i-f.
transformers are accessible through the
rear of the i-f. cans. The model 95
covers from 545 kc. to 1500 kc. and
from 5750 kc. to 15,800 kc. The vol-
tage table, which you should add to the
page is as follows:

Tube Plate Cathode Screen Fil.
I-F Amp 115 1.5 75 6.3
Output 95 IS4 105 25.

'Vg/mga "rm-limi firm/gh plate mum.

All plate and screen voltages meas-
ured to cathode. All cathode voltages
measured to_ chassis. Speaker field vol-

The alignment trimmers are placed
in various parts of the chassis. Broad-
cast band alignment trimmers for Ist
detector is on side of first section of
gang, nearest the front of the set. The
pre-selector unit broadcast band trimmer
is on the side of the middle gang and
the oscillator trimmer for broadcast
band is on side of third section. These
trimmers are aligned at 1400 kc. The
slide wire adjustment is the image supV
pressor trimmer, aligned at 160 kc. for
MINIMUM response. Broadcast band
trimmers aligned for maximum re-
sponse. Short wave trimmer, aligned at
12,000 kc., is located on rear of chassis
on line with the phonograph jack. The
600 kc. oscillator trimmer is located on
the front of the chassis. To adjust image
suppressor, tune the receiver and the
test oscillator, feeding into the antenna
and ground of receiver, 1630 kilocycles.
Slide the wire in or out of the pre-

r selector circuit until response is MINI-
MUM. Then repeat alignment of the
broadcast band at 1400 kc. for maximum

Airline Model 62- l 53

This Montgomery-Ward receiver is
the same as Models 62-124 and 62-
129, found on page 5-5 of Ridet's
Manual, With the exception of the folv

A voltage regulator is incorporated
on the chassis, this being mounted in
the back left comer by means of a two-
prong plug and a receptacle on the
chassis. When no regulator unit is
employed, the receptacle is covered
with a piece of Fibre, which is eye-
letted in place to protect the jumper

When these sets are shipped with a
3-volt dry "A" battery the regulator
unit is in place on the chassis and the
initial voltage adjustment has already
been made. If the set was originally
not equipped with a regulator and it
is desired to change from a 2-volt bat-
tery to one of 3 volts, the regulator
may be inserted by removing the Fibre
covet, pulling out the jumper wire and
inserting the unit by matching up the
two-prong plug with the receptacle and
pushing down the unit until it rests
firmly in the socket. The voltage reg-
ulator is connected internally in series
with the plus A line.

In some of these sets considerable
variation in the type 19 tubes has been
experienced with the result that the
tone quality has been poor when this
tube was operated at a bias of 6 volts.
This bias has been changed, therefore,
to 4,5 volts, which has been found to
be satisfactory in all cases. To eHect
this change, connect the white battery
lead with the "06'Y market to the
'-4.5 volt tap on the uC" battery.
This lead and the green and yellow
lead, with the volt marker,
will then be connected to the same
---4.5 volt tap on the battery.

Airline Models l>2~l49l 62-I55. 62-l60.

These Montgomery-Ward receivers
are the same as those described on page
5-3 of Rider`s Manuals (Models v62-
120, 62-122, 62-126 and 62-128) with
the same exceptions as those noted
elsewhere for Airline Model 62-155.

Starting with serial number 11501
the following changes have been made
in the receiver, whose schematic dia-
gram is shown on Belmont page 2-1 of
Ridet's Specialized Auto Radio Manual,
Volume II:

The cathode and the suppressor grid
of the 6D6 tube are now connected to
_R-B, R-S and C-S and so to the cathode
of the 6A7 tube, instead of to C-1 and
R-2. These last mentioned parts are
now out of the circuit.

The value of R-6 has been changed
to 19,000 ohms from 12,000 ohms and
R-Il from 250,000 ohms to 500,000

The alignment data for the Philco
802, the schematic of which will be

found on Philco page 2-57 of Ridet's v

Specialized Auto Radio Manual, Vol-
ume II, is the same as the alignment
data for Model SOO-Code 12?, which
may be found on Philco page 2-56 of
the same volume.

Run No. 2, Condenser, No. 52 (50
mmf.) removed and Part No. 30-1032
(250 mmf.) added. Filter choke, Part
N0. 32-1374 added, being connected in
series between pilot lamp, No. 51, and
resistor No. 53 and condenser N0. 52.

The original Model 12 was similar
to the Model 8, shown on Philco page
3-5 and page 1599 in the Radiotron~
Complete Manual, and was properly
known as Model 12-Code 121. The
later Model 12 is the Model 12-Code
122 and is similar to Model 9, except
that it is for 12-volt operation. The
tubes, circuit and base arrangement are
the same, but the tube heater circuit is
that shown in the accompanying illus-
tration. Since 6.5-volt tubes are used,

$7. Detox IF 20d' PYAF 0-!!

Healer connections for Philco Model

a series multiple connection must be
used to operate them from a 12-volt

The shunt resistor on the oscillator
tube is Part No, 33-3002 and is 21
ohms. The speaker employed is the
A-9 and is equipped with a 12-volt
field, The Model EE dynamotor is
used, supplying 40 milliamperes at 220

The Model 12 has been designed
especially for bus and boat installations,
where 12-volt battery systems are em-

The alignment procedure for the
Model 12-Code 122 will be found on
Philco page 4-53 in Rider's Manual,
Volume V.

Run No. 6. The first i-f. trans-
former, No. 17, replaced with a new
type having the same part number. It
may be identified by the green paint
mark on the fibre. For schematic, see
Philco page 2-19, Volume II, Rider's
Auto Radio Manual.

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

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