Airline 62-165 Schematic

Airline 62-165

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Product Information:
Manufacturer:Airline (Montgomery Ward)

Schematic Pages

PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 7

Schematics Content

Page 1:

Model 26 (D-5)
Model 35 (T-6)
Model 409 (A-4)
Model 375-I.W
Model 40 (W-6)

Model 151,152 (NE)
Model 103 (RL)
Model 105, 106, 107, 111 (RN)
Model 102 (RP)
Model 112 (RS)
Model 104-B (RV)
Model 93, 95 (RX)
Model 108, 109, 125 (RV)

Bottom of sketches indicates front of chassis. All top views.

Model 54
Model 64
Model 105
Model 106
Model 200

Emerson, Fada and Franklin Layouts
Below will be found the pages in Rider's Manuals on which the schematic diagrams for the socket layouts given herewith will be found. It is suggested that these layouts be cut out and pasted on the respective pages.

Radiola 66
The schematic diagram of the a-f transformer and bypass condensers contains incorrect values of capacities. Kindly make the necessary changes from the accompanying diagram in the condensers' values in the corresponding diagram in your Manuals, where it will be found on the following pages: 1-42, *499 and 1883 in the Radiotron-Complete.

Corrected values of condensers in Radiola Model 66 a-f. amplifier

Missing I-F. Peaks
Please add to page Franklin 3-1, the reference that the model 100 and the model 102 employ an i-f. peak of 175 kc.
On Galvin page 3-7 in Rider's Manual, add the data that the i-f peak is 175 kc. This is the model 7T-47-A. Add the same data onto page Galvin 3-15, covering the model 61. Also add the same information onto Galvin page 3-13 and 3-14 in Rider's Manual, Volume III. This applies to the model 88.

Airline Model 62-165
This Montgomery-Ward receiver is the same as Models 62-152 and 62-137, described on page 5-8 of Rider's Manuals, with the following exception:
Part No. 98006, a three-section wire-wound resistor, has been replaced with Part No. 98006A, a resistor of the same type. The new resistor has the same resistance values, the only change being in the 6,000-ohm section (R-14), where a heavier and different wire is now used. This change was made because of breakage being encountered.

in this section in some of the early resistors. It is suggested that this section of the resistor be checked if this chassis is serviced. In the case of complete receivers in stock, it is NOT necessary to change this unit.
If in servicing, this section is found to be open, a complete new three- section unit or a separate 6,000-ohm, 1.5 watt, carbon resistor may be used for replacement. Should a separate unit be used, be sure NOT to use the end connection on the old three-section unit when making this repair, as the old 6,000-ohm section may be open intermittently. Unsolder all the wires which are connected to the end of the candohm resistor and resolder them to one end of the carbon replacement resistor.

Pilot 114 and 115
The intermediate frequency used in these receivers is 456 kc.