Airline 62-362, Issue B Schematic

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Model:62-362, Issue B
Manufacturer:Airline (Montgomery Ward)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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The Remler Model 171 is identical
with Model 49, shown on page 9-3 0/
Ride/s V olumr IX. The following
additional information, not included on
page 9-3, is now available.

The antenna-RF coil is located near
the back of the chassis andiv is trimmed
by the trimmer on the rear section oi
variable condenser. The detector coil
is located under the chassis and is`
trimmed by the trimmer on the front
section of the variable condenser,

The following table shows the d-c
voltages to ground with no signal and
the volume control at full volume.

Tube Plate Screen Cathode

The d-c voltage of the bias supply
for the 41 grid is a 15-volt drop across
resistor (9) in the negative side of the
power supply.

Airline 62-362 issue I

Several changes are included in Is-
suc B of the Model' 62-362 Airline
receiver (above serial number 81285-
200) as compared with the Model
62-362 shown on Montgomery-Ward
pages` 9-45 to 9-47 of Rider'r Volume
IX. Fig. 1 shows that condensers Cl,
C4, C5, C6, and C9 are mounted in
the same unit in Model 62-362, Issue
B. Fig. l of course corresponds to the
layout shown in the upper left-hand
corner of page 9-45.

Fig. 2 shows the output end of the
schematic for Issue B of Model 62-362.
By comparing Fig. 2 with the corre-
sponding portion of the schematic
shown on page 9-45, you will notice
the new position of thc tone control
consisting of R14 and C20, and also
the two resistors R16 and R17 added
across the winding of the phonograph
pickup coil.

The accompanying table lists the
part numbers and descriptions for
Model 62-362 Issue B which are dif-
ferent from those listed on page 9-45.
Schematic Par! '

Reference Number Description

c1 131512456 3-35 mmf sdjtuusi. trimmer

cs 131112456 450 mmf warring capacity,

wir. pea

Certain oscillator trimmers are in-
correctly numbered on pages 0-32 and
6-33 of Ride/r Volume VI (early
model 630 Philco). ln Fig. 2 and in
the alignment instructions, both on
page 6- 32, the reference numbers
should be changed as, follows: Change
13 to 16; change 14 to 17; change
16 to 13; change 17 to 14. The same
changes should be made in the parts
list on page 6-33. These changes must
be made so that the reference numbers
will agree with those shown on the
schematic which appears on page 6-31.
Do NOT alter the numbers on the

These errors in numbering also ap-
pear in the parts list for the late Model

wo mono swireu
ru sumo Poslnon


:No ocr Ave
s .sr some

Fig. l. above. The five irim-

more, Cl. C4. C5, Cb, end C?

are conlained in a single unit

and leened en #he chassis as

shown in Issue B oi #he Airline
model 61-362.

Fig. Z, lull. The pnr'liel sein-
the Issue B shows the change
in the tone control and.rwo
new resistors across the pickup

630 and the Model 630PF Philco.
Therefore the reference numbers on
page 7-98 of Ride/.t Volume VII must
be changed as follows: Change 13 to
16; change 14 to 17; change 16 to 13:
change 17 to 14.

Variations in new 6]'7 tubes have
occasionally caused distortion in the
automatic tone-control circuit of the
Stromberg Model 160-L receiver as
first released. These tubes function
correctly after "aging" a few hours.

ro indicated. distortion

een he elim irom the rulemliic

tone conirol e uit of #he Scrornberg
Model IBD-L

This possibility of distortion can also
be eliminated by adding a wire as
shown in the accompanying layout.
This change stabilizes the screen volt-
age; it was put in eilect at the factory
in all 160-P and 180-L receivers, and
in all l60-L receivers produced after
October 23, 1936.

In order to eliminate oscillation, the
screen resistor, No. 11, has been
changed from 25,000 ohms to 32,000
ohms. See schematic on page 8-19 in
Rider's Volume VIII.

Refer to the schematic shown on
page 8-11 of Rider'r Volume VIII.
During production, the 47,000-ohm re-
sistor in the AVC line which was con-
nected to the bottom of the antenna
coil secondary, and the condenser (4)
were removed. The r-f secondary was
then grounded directly, thus removing
AVC from the 6L7G mixer tube, and
the bottom of the antenna coil second-
ary was connected directly to the re-
sistor (16). The condenser (33) in
the grid circuit of the 6C5G oscillator
was changed from 50 mmf to 100
mmf to increase sensitivity on the u-h-f

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