Alden, Inc. 1525 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Alden, Inc.

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Align the I.F. trimmers to 455 kc, using least possible input from Signal Generator to avoid developing A.V.C. voltage which would make the tuning adjustments very broad. An output meter may be clipped directly across the voice coil lugs.

With the tuning capacitor plates completely out of mesh, and pointer at extreme right end of travel, adjust the oscillator trimmer (A) (on front section of tuning capacitor) to 1700 kc. Re adjust both Signal Generator and tuning capacitor to 1550 kc and adjust the RF trimmer (B) (on rear section) for maximum response. With tuning capacitor plates fully meshed, the receiver should tune to 532 kc; however, no adjustment is required at this point. For checking purposes, four fine marks are engraved on the dial plate. These represent, in order, the pointer position with capacitor plates fully meshed, and the pointer setting for 600,1000 and 1.550 kc.

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