Alden, Inc. 1600 Schematic

Alden, Inc. 1600

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Manufacturer:Alden, Inc.

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PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 17

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Alignment: No attempt should be made to realign this receiver until it has been determined that a poor tube, or some local condition is not responsible for faulty reception.

The Signal Generator may be connected through a 0.01 mf capacitor I used as dummy antenna to the lux of RF section of tuning capacitor. Connect ground clip of generator to a convenient B - minus point such as one of the switch terminals on the back of the volume control. An output meter may be clipped directly across the voice coil lugs. Align the IF trimmers to 455 kc using least possible input from signal generator to avoid developing A.V. C. voltage which would make the tuning adjustments very broad.

To align RF trimmer, remove the 0.01 mi capacitor and connect the signal generator hot lead to a 68 mmf mica condenser. Connect the dummy antenna thus formed to the antenna lug on the antenna coil (lug to which the antenna hank is soldered. Again, use the least possible input from the signal generator. With the tuning capacitor plates completely out of mesh, rad pointed at extreme clockwise position, adjust the oscilator trimmer on t.ont section of tuning capacitor to 1700 kc. Readjust both signal generator and tuning capacitor to 1550 kc and adjust the RP trimmer on rear section for maximum response.