Alden, Inc. 1636L Schematic

Alden, Inc. 1636L

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Manufacturer:Alden, Inc.

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Alignment: No attempt should be made to realign this receiver until it has been determined that a poor tube or some local condition is not responsible for faulty reception. The following is a list of the mini mum equipment necessary to realign this receiver, In the following alignment procedure the high side of the signal generator is connected to the terminal indicated in the " Signal Generator Coupling " column below. The ground side of the signal generator is connected directly to the chassis. The output meter should be connected across the voice coil of the speaker for all measurements. oscillator
1 - AM signal generator covering 455 KC, 600 KC, 1550 KC and 10,7 MC
2 - FM signal generator covering 10.7 MC, 92 MC and 106 MC
3 - Output meter, rectifier type, approximately oscillator to 2 volts RMS
4 - Dummy antennas 100MMFD Mica Capacitor 300 Ohm Resistor 0.01 MFD Capacitor
In adjusting the radio frequency trimmers and padders it is advisable to " rock " the variable capaci. tor gang slightly across the signal being delivered by the signal generator until that particular signal has been accurately peaked.