Alden, Inc. 1816 Schematic

Alden, Inc. 1816

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Manufacturer:Alden, Inc.

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Remove chassis from cabinet for alignment. A signal generator is required having the following frequencies: 455 KC and 1400 KC. An output metar should be connected across the speaker.

FIRST STEP: Connect the hot lead from the generator to the ANT. section of the gang condenser, through a oscillator MFD. condenser. The ground lead from the generator may be connected to any spot on the metal chassis. Turn the gang condenser to complete minimum capacity. Set the generator to 453 KC. Adjust the movable iron cores in the IF cans. These IF adjustments are made in the top and in the bottom of the can under the chassis. Adjust the cores until a maximum reading is noted on the output meter.
The volume control of the receiver should be turned to maximum during the IF and all subsequent alignment and the generator output as low as por sible to prevent the AVC from working and giving false readings. SECOND STEP: With the leads from the generator stili connected as in D alignment adjust the generator to 1400 KC. Set the dial pointer to 1400 KC on the dial scale. Adjust the oscillator trimmer until the signal is tuned'n THIRD STEP: Remove the generator leads from the gang condenser
Replace the chassis in the cabinet. Loosely couple the generator to the receiver loop by making a complete turn over the outside of the cabinet. With he receiver and the generator still set at 1400 KC increase the generator out put. Adjust the Antenna trimmer through the back of the chassis until maximum signal is noted on the output meter.
No further adjustment should be necessary as the colls and gang conden. ser in this receiver have been specially handled at the factory to insure proper alignment at the lower frequencies. NOTE: When the antenna trimmer is adjusted at 1400 KC., the chassis as wall as the " A " and " B " batteries must be in normal position in the cabinet de reflect the proper loop impedance.