All American Mohawk 6-8 tube AC power pack Schematic

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Product Information:
Model:6-8 tube AC power pack
Manufacturer:All American Mohawk (Wurlitzer)(Lyric)

Schematics Content:

Page 1:

All-American Mohawk Corp.

Blue resistance #1 - 10,000 ohms
Red resistance #2 - 25,000 ohms
Maroon resistance #3 - 4,000 ohms

Showing Wiring of Power Pack
One & 8 Tube AC Set

Circuit Diagram of 6 & 8 Tube AC Set Power Pack
Note: Above indicated part number are the electrical part and assembly numbers of items used in circuit. When ordering parts or assemblies specify this number as well as name of item.

Top View of Plug (Cover removed)
Twisted black 110V A.C.
Red 220V D.C.
Brown 45V D.C.
Green 2.5 A.C.
Blue 105V D.C.
Slate 5V A.C.
Yellow 1.5V

Top View of Conencting Plug Socket in Power Pack
110V A.C.
220V D.C.
45V D.C.
2.5V A.C.
105V D.C.
5V A.C.
1.5V A.C.

6 and 8 Tube A.C. Power Pack

Page 2:

Insert the power AMR tube VX-171 or CX-371 in this socket.

Insert the UX226 OR CX-326 in 1st & 2nd radio and 1st & 2nd audio socket.

Insert the UY-227 or CY-327 in Det. socket

3 Gang Condenser
Sketch showing location of tubes
1st Audio- 171 Tube
2nd Audo - CX-326 or UX-226
1st Radio - CX-326 or UX-226
1st Audio - CX-326 or UX-226
Det. CX-327 or UX-227
2nd Radio - CX-326 or UX-226
Incandescent Bulb

Wall Receptacle & plug
Power unit
Multi plug & cable
Plug & cord
Power Switch
Black cord
Green cord
Fig. 1

Schematic circuit of Mohawk set
Using 226, 227 & 171 tubes (For UX280 - CX380 power unit)
Fig. 2

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