American Bosch 133135 Schematic

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Manufacturer:American Bosch (United American Bosch & Fred M. Link)

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Model 73 Midget Receiver

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Model 'B 'Midget Receiver.


R1 Volume Control 10,000 ohms
R2 2750 ohms Tapped unit
R3 250 ohms Tapped unit
R4 Cathode Resistor 750 ohms
R5 Cathode Resistor 25,000 ohms
R6 50,000 ohms
R7 Tone Control 50,000 ohms
R8 Plate Supply Resistor 5,000 ohms
R9 Plate Supply Resistor 10,000 ohms
R10 Screen Supply Resistor 750 ohms
R11 Cathode Resistor 25,000 ohms
R12 Screen Supply Resistor 30,000 ohms
R13 Audio Bias Resistor 800 ohms
R14 Center Tap Resistor 4.1 ohms

C1 Antenna Trimmer Condenser
C2 Coupling Capacity
C3 Coupling Capacity
C4 Coupling Capacity
C5 Tuning Condenser
C6 Tuning Condenser
C7 Tuning Condenser
C8 Tuning Condenser
C9 Alignment Condenser
C10 Alignment Condenser
C11 Alignment Condenser
C12 Det. Plate By-pass .005 mfd.
C13 Tone Control Condenser .05 mfd.
C14 Cathode By-pass .05 mid.
C15 Screen By-pass .05 mfd.
C16 Plate By-pass .05 mfd.
C17 Cathode By-pass .05 mfd.
C18 Screen By-pass .O5 mfd.
C19 Plate By-pass .05 mfd.
C21 Filter condenser 2.mfd.)top
C22 Filter comenser 2.mfd.)unit
C23 Filter Condenser 4.mfd.
C24 Audio Bias By-pass .05 mfd.
C25 Buffer Condenser .1 mfd.

T1 Audio Input Transformer
T2 Audio Output Transformer
T3 Main Power Transformer

Coils and Inductances
L1 Antenna Coil
L2 2nd RF primary
L3 2nd RF secondary
L4 3rd RF primary
L5 3rd RF secondary
L6 Det. coil primary
L7 Det. coil secondary
L8 Degenerative choke
L9 Det. Plate choke
L10 Tone Control choke
L11 Filter choke
L12 Speaker Field
L13 Speaker Voice Coil

Sl Main Switch

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