Arc Radio Corp. 601 Schematic

Arc Radio Corp. 601

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Manufacturer:Arc Radio Corp.

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Cut - Away View

Showing Batteries

Placed in Cabinet

NOTE: Nipple end of " A " batteries go to At.
Snap back cover in proper place. Set will not operate with cover open.

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The oscillator coil is located beneath the chassis. The loop is mounted inside the cover with the connection of the loop soldered to snaps on the cover. The trimmers for oscillator coil and loop are mounted on the variable condenser. The IF is permeability tuned, and the slugs are reached from top and bottom of the IF transformer.
The IF transformers are located in cans mounted on top of the chassis. The first IF transformer No. 1455-1R is at the rear right of the chassis. The second IF transformer No. 1455-6 is to the front left of the variable condenser. NOTE: The top iron core slug is the secondary of each transformer.
A signal generator with frequencies of 455 & 1400 KC is required. An output meter should be used across the voice coil or output trans former for observing maximum response. Always use as weak a test signal as possible when aligning the receiver.

Connect two jumpers, one to each snap button on cover to other part of snap button on posts of cabinet. This connects the loop.
Swing variable condenser to minimum capacity position. Feed 455KC to the grid of the 1R5 tube through a.01 condenser. Tune secondary of second IF for maximum indication of output meter, then tune primary in similar manner. Tune first IF secondary and then primary.

Set the dial pointer at 1400 KC. Feed 1400 KC from the signal generator into a loop of wire about 12 inches in diameter. Hold this radiating loop approximately one foot away from and parallel to the receiver loop antenna and advance the output of the signal generator until a suitable deflection is obtained on the output meter. First adjust the oscillator and then the antenna trimmer for maximum response.
If the loop antenna has been replaced it may be necessary to adjust the loop inductance. Align at 1400 KC. Set the dial at 600 KC and feed 600 KC to the antenna lead. A portion of the outside turn of loop may be swung to either side of the center to give maximum response. Realign at 1400 KC.