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Manufacturer:Arvin (Noblitt-Sparks)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:

Montgomery Ward HWS-105411
and 74WG-1054B

These models are similar to 64WG-
1054A shown on pager 15-82 to 15-84
of Ridefr Volume XV, except for the
following changes4 The terminals of the
oscillator coil are reversed. The high
side of the 2.2-ohm winding goes to the
first grid of the 1R5 mixer cube and the
high side of the 6.4-ohm winding goes to
grids 2 and 4 of the same tube. The
lcw side of the 2.2-ohm winding is
grounded and the low side of the 6.4-
ohm Winding is connected to R-7. These
models also incorporate the changes
noted on page 6 of the May 1947 issue
of SUCCESSFUL SeavicrNc.

It has been called to our attention that
misinterpretations are possible of the
statements made in the May 1947 issue
about wiring changes. The wiring of the
set does not change, as no Components
are changed; but the wiring of the roche!
of the output tube changes as indicated
in the afore-rnentioned issue.

In model 74WG-1054B, in addition to
the changes listed above, a 2.2-megohm
resistor (R24) in parallel with a 100-
Wif capacitor (C24) is connected from
the antenna. to grid 3 of the 1R5 mixer

Arv'in 1401>, Chassis IRE-209

This model appears on pages 17-1
through 17-4 n] Riders Volume XVII. The
volume control mounting has been revised
to prevent the dial-indicator eccentric
mounted on the volume-control shaft from
binding in its bracket. The mounting
bushing on the control is slotted instead
of threaded, and the control is mounted
with a 020227 Speed Clip, instead of a

The following changes have been made
in the oscillator circuit to increase the
sensitivity. The 0.05-ui capacitor (C5)
formerly located between the bottom of
the oscillator tickler coil (L3) and floating
ground, has been connected from the sec-
ond grid of the 1R5 converter tube (pin 3)
to the junction of the top of the tickler
coil to the bottom of the primary of T1.
The 22,000-ohrn resistor (R3) is now con-
nected in parallel with C5 instead of from
the bottom of the tickler coil to the bot-
tom of the primary of T1. The top of the
tickler coil is connected to the bottom of
the primary of T1 instead of to the second
grid of the 1R5 converter tube. The 1R5
plate current as well as the screen current
thus passes through the tickler coil.

To prevent audio oscillation, a 0.00025-uf
bypass capacitor (C10) has been added
from the plate to the positive filament of
the 1S5 tube. The plate load of the 1S5
tube (R9) has been changed from 330,000
to 470,000 ohms. The value of R21 has
been changed from 6.8 to 15 megohms.
The value of C13 has been changed from
0.05uf to 0.02ct. The 0.05-nf capacitor (C19)
has been changed from the input side to
the plate side of IA to reduce hash.

Since the clinch nuts in the top of the
loop shield, which hold the screw in the
top oi the cabinet, have at times come
loose. a brass extruded nut. part number
A21681, has been made available for rc-

placing these clinch nuts when they come

ln the note under the resistance chart
on page 17-4 o/ Ridefs Volume XVII, K
was shown as equalling 100 ohms. This
note should read K equals 1000 ohms.
The parts numbers given in the parts list
on page 17-2 for the miniature tube sock-
ets were A210321 and A210322. 'mess
should have been A201321 and A201322.

A slide switch, part number A21051, has
been added to the parts list.

Chassis IRE-2284

These models are the same as Model
150TC appearing on pages 17-6 to 178 of
Rider's Volume XVII, except. for the fol-
lowing changes. The &5W4 rectifier tube
has been replaced' with a lOO-rna selenium
rectifier. The 35135 output tube has been
replaced with a 50L6 output tube. A
negative temperature coefficient resistor
has been added in the filament line. The
filter choke has been replaced by a 1110-
ohm resister and a tap on the output
transformer. The 0.005-uf tone capacitor
has been replaced with an 0.00341! capaci-

A19141 Terminal Strip, Dou-
B21123-1 Tube retainer Spring.
R13 020060-331 Resistor 330 ohm 1/.;
R14 020070-123 Resistor 11.000 ohm
R15 (120060-104 Resistor 0.1 Megohm
L3 AE21107<1 Filter Choke Assembly
T3 AFI21099-1 Output Transformer
A19140 Terminal Strip, Sing-
le left hand
Al8254-1 Socket, tube wafer oc-
SR A20207~2 Selenium Rectifier
T3 AC21494-1 Output Transformer
NTCR AC21489'1 N.T.C. Resistor and
Can Assy.
C10 (120069-302 Capacitor 0.003 ,uf 600
R13 (120223422 Resistor 1200 ohm,

Arvin 544 and 544B (Noblitt-Spm'ks)
The following changes have been made

in the circuit appearing on page! 15-3

to 15-5 of Ridefr Volume XV to reduce

low level hum and hum modulation

l. The capacity of the electrolytic
Capacitor 1319136 (C7) is changed
from 40-20uuf, 150V, 2011/11, 25V, t0

2. The rotor of the variable capacitor is
now connected to AVC instead of to
Chassis. (This is the same circuit
that was used in sets built previous
to Match 1946.)

3. Cll 0.1;11', 400V, capacitor from AVC
to chassis is deleted.

4. The bypass capacitor from B+ to
chassis is changed from C9, 0.05ct,
400v, tolCll, 0.1p.f, 400V, to prevent

5. A fiber washer part 20198 1A inch ID,

l? inch OD, Vg inch thick, is added

under the pointer to prevent the
pointer from touching the dial and
shorting AVC to the chassis.

6. The Hoating ground wiring is changed;
the jumper from the oscillator coil
to the #3 lug on the IZSK7 socket
is removed and replaced by a jumper
from the ground side of the volume
control to the a-c switch lug.

7. The top of the dial scale backing
plate has been cut off even with the
top of the dial, to allow the dial to
ser in a. more vertical position. The
part number remains the same, and
the old and new-plates are interchange-

The parts list for these models re-
mains the same as that enumerated on
page 15-5 of Ride/r Volume XV except
for the changes noted.

Pun No. Dercfi/ptian
Al9136 Capacitor, electrolytic

Nobliti-Spm'ks 684 and 664A

These models are the same as Model
6640, Chassis RFI-ml, appearing on pages
17-16 to 17-18 of Rider's Volume XVII,
except that the loop assembly has been
changed. The part number is AC18579~1.

Arvin 664 and 564A, Chassis

These models appearing on pages 15-10
and 15-5 and 15-6 a! Rider's Volume XV,
have been changed as follows to reduce
the a-c hum. The 0.1-uf capacitor (C12)
connected from B+ to the cathode of the
3511i tube has been changed to 0.03/1f.
The resistance oi R12 connected from B+
to the cathode of the 351.6 tube has been
changed from 12,000 to 15,000 ohms .Mak-
ing this change will reduce the a-c hum of
many of the sets with the previous circuit,

The parts list should be changed as Iol-

Ref.No. PartNo. Description

R12 (220070-123 Resistor 12,000 ohms,
1 watt

lie/.Na ParLNo. Description

l watt

Phillips Petroleum 3-6211
This is the same as Model 3-61A, ap-

pearing on pages 17-9 to 17-19 of Ridefs
Volume XVII

Radio 61 Television (Brunswick)

These models are the same as Model
SF-6810 on pages 16-1 lo 16-5 a/ Rider's
Volume XVI,

?John F. Rider

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