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Manufacturer:Arvin (Noblitt-Sparks)

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MODELS 582CFB, 582CFM, Ch. RE -310
Broadcast (AM) . 540-1600 kc Type: Permanent magnet, 1.47 oz. Alnico 5
IF _. 455 kc Size: 8 Inch
PM . 8-108 mc Voice coil impedance ............................ 5.2 Ohms
Automatic Volume Control
IZAT7 PM Converter L'Sted
AM Converter l
6T8 . FM-AM DET, IST Audio AVC 1. Left knob ON-OFE Sw and Volume
6VGGT .. Outpug Z. Right knob ..... Tuning
6X4 _. . Recd?er 3. Center knob .. Program Sw
Undistoned Width 12 inches
Maximum Height 54 inches
Plate load Depth 16 inch"
Models SBZCFM, and 582CFB have the some Chassis, they dilfer only in Cabinet, trim and knobs.
AM-This receiver has a built~in loop which gives satisfactory reception in most locations. If the receiver is located
some distance from a broadcasting station, or where the electrical interference is high, an outside antenna connected to
r the terminal marked AM on the antenna terminal strip will improve reception,
FM f An 8' length of wire is connected to the FM antenna terminal for an indoor FM antenna. Terminals are provided
on the antenna terminal strip to connect an outside PM antenna, they are labeled FM It G.
AM Tuning range - 540 Kc. to 1600 Kc. Intermediate Frequency - 455 Kc. I. F. and R. F. measurements made at 500
milliwatts output - approximately 1.27 volts on a receiver type voltmctcr connected across speaker voice coil.
Approximate input for 500 MW output: I. F. 300 uv; R.F. with standard loop: at 600 Kc. lZOO uv/m; at
FM Tuning range _ 88 megacycles to 108 megacycles. Inter mediate frequency 10.7 megacycles 1.1". and Rf. measure-
ments made at 500 milliwatts output-approximately 1.27 volts on a rectifier type voltmercr connected across
speaker voice coil. Approximate input for 500 MW output: LF. 500 uv; R. F. "Absolth Measurements"z 91
megacycles 100 uv; 105 megacycles, 100 uv. I

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PAGE 23-12 ARVIN _ _
MODELS 582CFB, 582CFM, Ch. RE-310


Output meter connection .. Across speaker voice coil
Output meter reading to indicate 500 MW .. 1.27 volts
Generator Modulation ''''' . 30%, l$00 cycles
Position of volume contro _. Fully clockwise

Set dial pointer .. .
Set band switch . , .. .. . . . .. . ..
......,.To left for AM alignment, right for FM a g

Horizontal, variable condenser closed



Position Generator Generator Trimmers
of Generator Dummy Connection Connection In Order Trimmer
Variable Frequency Ani. (high) Ground Lead Shown For Function

. Max. Output
l Open 455 Kc .05 mfd. Mixer Grid Chassis A1, A2, A3, A4, I. F.

Open 1650 Kc *Test Loop Test Loop A5 Oscillator
1400 Kc 1400 Kc *Test Loop Test Loop A6 Antenna
**600 Kc 600 Kc *Test Loop Test Loop Check Point Antenna

* Connect generator lead to Standard Hazeltine Test Loop, Model 1150, placed two feet from the set loop, or
three turns of wire about six inches in diameter, placed about one foot from the set loop. Or the generator
can be connected with the high side lead to the AM antenna screw terminal and the ground lead to the chassis.
**With a generator signal of 600 Kc, tune the set to the point where maximum output is obtained, which
shoul be approximately 600 Kc on the dial. Adjust antenna section plates of variable for maximum output.
The alignment procedure should be repeated in the original order for greatest accuracy.

I Always keep the output from the signal generator at its lowest possible value to make the A. V. C. action of
the receiver ineffective.


Turn band switch to FM, (right).

Connect (FM) I. F. generator to the second 6BA6 I. F.
amp, grid, (lug No. I) through a .01 uf mica dummy.
Connect oscilloscope across volume control. With the
I. F. generator tuned to 10.7 mc with 150 Kc deviation,
and the same audio voltage used as horizontal sweep
on the scope that is used to modulate the generator,
adiust the ratio detector transformer slugs A7-A8 for
the characteristic "S" curve (See Fig. l), with maxi-
mum vertical height on the sco . After this adiust-
ment the top slug of the ratio etector should not be
moved during the rest of the alignmenti '

Connect I, F. generator to mixer grid through .01 mica
dummyi Using 23 Kc deviation at 10.7 MC, adiust
for maximum output. Maximum output may be indi-
cated by maximum vertical height on the scope or
maixmum voltage on a standard output meter across
the voice coil of the receiver. After the two I. F.
transformers have been ligned the bottom slug A8 of
the ratio detector should also be peaked.

The characteristic "S" curve of the complete I. F.
channel should be checked by applying a 10.7 Mc
signal with 150 Kc deviation to the mixer grid and
observing the "S" curve on the scope. It should not
_be very much different from that observed in step 2.

Connect R. F. (FM) generator (88 to 108Mc) to the
antenna terminals through the standard 500 ohm
dummy (150 ohm in each side of generator leads).

Use R. F. generator with 25 Kc deviation. With the
variable condenser completely open and Signal Gener-
ator tuned to 108.5 Mc adiust oscillator trimmer A12
(small ceramic trimmer) for maximum reading on

Then tune receiver to low end of band (variable com-
pletely closed) and Signal Generator to 87.5 Mc. If
the receiver does not tune to this frequency the FM
oscillator coil L4 will either have to be squeezed to1
gether or lengthened to cover the band, (squeezing
lowers and lengthening raises the frequency). Any
change in the coil will have to be completed by thel
trimmer at the high end of the band.

With the same Signal Generator connections as per
paragraph 4 tune Signal Generator and set to 105 Mc.
Tune R.F. trimmer A15 for maximum output at the
same time rock variable back and forth through the
frequency. (Rocking is necessary because slight oscil-
lator pulling causes erroneous maximum readings).

Tune Signal Generator and set to 90 Mc. Adiust R. F.
coil L5 length for maximum output by squeezing or

lengthening. Any change in the coil will have to be
Compensated at 105 Mc by the R. F. trimmer A15.

After Steps 4 and 5 are finished check calibration and
band coverage. Steps 4 and 5 may have to be repeated
if set is off calibration. Band coverage should be
87.5 Mc to 108.5 Mc. Sensitivity should be approxi>>
mately 100 uv at 105 Mc, 98 Mc and 90 Mc.


(C)John F. Rider

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ARVIN PA E 23-13

MODELS 582CFB, 582CFM, Ch. RE-310

(C)John F. Rider

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MODELS 582011'B, 582CFM, Ch. RE-310




Description List Price
Antenna Loop Assembly 1.00
Bracket, Antenna Loop Mounting .lo
Bracket, Dial [Z used] .10
cabinet, Mahogany [with carton] 72,00
capacitor, FM Oscillator Trimmer,

Capacitor, 1i5uuf. 350V, Gimmick .10
Capacitor, 15uut, 350V. Ceramic .20
Capacitor. 47utit, 350V. Ceramic .20
Capacitor, SOuut, 500V" Ceramic .2U
Capacitor, 100uuf, 350Vr, Ceramic .20
Capacitor, 220uuf, 350V., Ceramic .20

Capacitor, 1000uuf, 350V., Ceramic 20
Capacitor, .003 mid., 600V., Paper 20
Capacitor, 5000uuf, 350V.. Disc Ceramic .25

Ceramic .25
capacitor, 4ol rnfa., 400V., Paper ,20
Capacitor, .01 mid., 400V.. Phenolic 20

Capacitor, .02 mid., 400V., Paper 20
Capacitor, .05 mid., 200V., Paper .20
Capacitor, 4 mid., 25V., Electrolytic 65

Electrolytic 1.65
Changer, 3>speed Record [See VN Bulletin]
Choke, 14 uh, lron Core .40
Control, Volume St Switch, 500K ohms .50
Cover, Cabinet Rear .06
Cover, Record Changer Bottom .15
Dial Pointer [Mahogany] .an
Dial Pointer [Blonde] .30
Dial scale [Mahogany] .ss
Dial scale [Blonde] .ss
Escutcheon 5 Crystal 2.10


(C)John 11'.V Rider

Replacement parts should be ordered by Arvin part number, description and model number of instrument from your Arvin

Replacement parts for the V>>l\/l Changer must he obtained direct from the V-M Corporation, Benton Harbor, Michigan.



Description List Price

Lamp, Dial, Mazda No. 47
Eine Cord Gt Plug

Parasitic Suppressor F M i20
Parasitic Supprelsmr AM .20

1000 ohms, 10 W. Wire

socket, Ac, Pnono Motor

socket, Dial Lamp

socket, Phono Pickup

socket, speaker _tu

speaker AssyA it" PM with cable

10 for .25

Spring, Dial Cord
Switch, Band
Terminal Strip, Antenna

Transformer, Output 1.75
Transtorrner, Power 4.20
Transformer, Ratio Detector 1.80

'i'unin Shaft .15

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