Audiola Radio Co. 23-T-5 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Audiola Radio Co. (Fairbanks-Morse)

Schematics Content:

Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:


noDEL 25-!-5 ` AUDIOLA RADIO C0.

Page 2:


Audidll Socket Llyouh Hovurd Soelwt Layouh Halson Layout

The accompanying illustrations Hcfcwi'h will be 'wld a" mek" The accompanying socket layouts of
shuw the Met layouts of six Audiola layouts for Howard receivers, the sche- Hdson 'when .ke for those "hmmm

chassis the schematics for which will 'I 'I that will be found on the foll '

r pages in Ridsf'r Manual, Volume IV:
2.7 rs, za rs-.sw (/saz] O O O Model Page

35 p/wr HOWARD 5-; HALso/v zo-A (fan)
:AF 34 32 z# /F I' /F pen

U( HOWARD X12 77 78 'A7

REC I, 1/ l

/FJB is :c 57 w'me 0/251? -PWAL Pack a, pn; DQ"
asc REC O G 2 o/F R567!

33 G V- P/wf matics of which appear on the following O IND/F
3374 pages in Rider's Manuals: /U/F
na: AF ner - RF "Q" "del Puglia f* FRONT
"W" Explorer (Revised) . . . .6-13
F FRONT; The last layout-that of the power- 60 47 24A 35 35
A d~ | k * l "_ pack of the "W" Explorer-applies to
u I" me ? .you both the early and the revised models, 4
l bc found on the pages in Rider's S" Pages 5-6 5-046-13- FMT
Manuals indicated opposite :he model g HALsoN *5/5 Qsazz
numbers below:
Mod-123T5,23T5-sw an Audiol. The schematics for In: Halwn O Q 0'* O
page 3-6 in Ridnk` Vglumg II] and receivers were run on the following 0/4 'A
- - - - ~ M dl - ' Rid ' 0"*
l page 346 m the Rider-Combination Pagcs- ? e 515, 3 "I .67! O
Manual; 33A6 page 4_5. 3335 and Volume III and 1271 m the Ruin'- a aA'O
f ' . ' ' ~ Model 61 3
3357, pug, 4.7, 3338, 'age 4_4' and Combmanon Manual, 5, FAQ;ny
33T4, pug, 4_7_ 3-3 in Rider's Volume III and 1273
in the Kidn-Combination?

(C) John F . Rider , Publisher

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