Audiola Radio Co. 346 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Audiola Radio Co. (Fairbanks-Morse)

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AUDIOLA RADIO Co. sonmmeocket

Magma Alignment

This receiver is a six tube superheterodyne using the most
modern circuit design and tubes. Tubes used are: one 6D6
R.F. Amplifier; one 6A? combination lst detector and oscil-
lator; one 6D6 I.F. Amplifier; a 75 diode detector with
delayed A.V.C. and one Stage audio; one 41 power output
tube; and one 84 rectifier tube.

In the installation of this receiver there are a few im-
portant fundamental principles to adhere to:

(l) Avoid having any battery wires in close relation to
the high voltage spark coil or plug wires.

(2) The antenna must be routed over the most quiet loca-
tion. Interference will often go through the antenna
shielding if touching brake, accelerator, or steering
column rods. The lead in must be shielded up to the an-
tenna and the shield bonded to the set chassis. In many
installations the antenna shield must also be bonded to
the chassis of the car where the shield turns up to the

(5) If the chassis has to be removed from housing, be
certain to tighten the three screws on the bottom when re-
placing the chassis.

(4) After installation iS completed, adjust antenna trim-
mer on some distant station around 1400 to 1500 K.C. turn
_in either direction for loudest signal. The antenna trims
mer is directly under the serial number on the top of the
set. The front cover screws must always be tight.

post. X! antenna cones
the shield to dash.

y and high tension ignition wires, shield and
ery to shield the fleerboardx on the right hand side

(5) The gang condenser control (tuning) must run very
freely and have not less than 1/32 of an inch end play.

ln Iord v8 shield prinry and "A" leexl to generator separately and ground shields to spark

plug housing brackets a: :Ln diegren #2.
In case or floating power, bond center bolt on Andinln set. to unter block.-

Shield antenna lead-in and bond the shield to frame at center

down front post, shield as high as possible and also ground

In case or antenna pick-up, use heavy "A" choke and deubie condenser as in diagren #1.
In case at chaseil pick-np, separate prim

ground the shield at both ends.

and ground with flocrheard screws.


MODEL 346 /734-

IF PEAK 177.5 KC. cH/cam/LL 5( DE,-

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