Aviola Radio Corp. 512 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Aviola Radio Corp.

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MODELS 501 , 512
|2541 5056., MODELS 509, 518

:tc-1 MODELS 501 And 512

Pun lo.

num-mn screen

ml lzw lw . Dill Glu' Cllp

R12 loo l/.W

Tuning Sim!!` Model wi-R-uoo, Model 5

Power Supply

105 to 125 Volts AC or DC
M "Power Consumption Tuning Range
Mm 30 Watts 540 Kc no 1625 Kc
Egg Circuit
5 tybe superheterodyne. Built in Anten-
,MM na with provision for connecting external
MMM antenna. Do not connect ground to re-

Model 501

Modal 512

I MODELS 501,512; 509,518

(C)John F. Rider


Measured in 115 Volt line.

Volume control in maximum position,
Dial tuned to low frequency end - no

Readings taken between tube socket and
B-bus-point x on volume control.
Voltages measured with high resistance
voltmeter, 20,000 ohm per volt preferable.

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lionELs 501,512 MODELS 509>>518 AvioLA RADIO coRP.

5'* MUDELS 509 and 518


Perl Nu. Pun No.

R-lDZ'l-l L1 RF. Coil RIDGZ '

4 . 'img Specifications: These combinations are
' U Mmm '_mm available for both llov-so cycle and so

Cl Am. Trimmer 160 mmf
02 occ, Trimmer iso mm(

C5 100 mmf M HHN-100 M Loo M A .
ce me mmf Mi 2333333 L5 png", C0. miie Cycle AC.

Ts Output
L5 Antenna Cai

Each instrument is shipped operating on
11_0V-60 Cycle, Additional motor bushings
PM", a," will be supplied to each dealei` desiring
Pm Ne 50 Cycle operation.

Pickup Ann Amin

mowf switch PNN! Suppl

105 to 125 bolts 50 or 60 Cycle AC

sw " "4"" so were 331W"
Pl Mazda Na. 41 . . . R-aaos a .

nlaleclaai. -iosz Tuning 3-59.

f 5 tube superheterodyne. Built in Anten-
lolll-l na with provision for connecting external
-10019-3'14 antenna. Do not connect ground to re-

""im" mum

HBH lim)th 1 mrmamn screen .
m m IW _v _ Pulley ,
_ Line cord
Cubism I' Awww Chassis-Mtg. sc
Tuning slim ,.
Dial elm c

Allow receiver to warm up thoroughly be'
fore alignment. Turn volume control to
maximum. Connect output meter to voice

coil terminals.

"l'une receiver to high end of dial.
Connect signal generator to antenna
through .0005 mf condenserySet
generatot to 455 KC, tune trimmers
E-F-G-D- to maximum output. Always s I
use lowest input from signal gen- @ G55
erator that provides good output indic- Q s
540 KC to 1640 KC ALIGNMENT
Loosely couple the signal generator to
receiver by placing S.G. output lead

near the pick-up antenna. (Not connected mx; :5115's

to it.) Set generator and receiver to

` Adjust trimmer H to signal. Adjust tuning slug B to maximum output.
l Adjust trimmer G to maximum output. Decrease signal generator output es re-
l Set generator to 600 KC. Tune receiver ceiver alignment provides more output to

to 600 KC. Adjust tuning Slug A to signal.'meter.

(C)John F. Rider

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