Bendix Radio Div. 115 Schematic

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Manufacturer:Bendix Radio Div.

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

Page 1:


Bendix Por 80

This model appear.- on pages 18-1
through 18-6 o/ Rider-'s Volume XVIII4
On late production model PAR 80 re-
ceivers, a rubber grommet has been added
ovcr the battery switch lead at the metal
shield to prevent eventual wear and short-
ing of the lead, If servicing of this re-
ceiver indicates excessive wear of the
battery switch lead, a small standard
grornmet of suitable size may be added at
point where the loud enters the switch

Bendix 110. 110W, 111. 111W.

112. 114. and 115

Those models appear on pages IS-b'
through 18-8 of Rider's Volume XVIII.
On recent models of this series a circuit
change has been made which adds a coup-
ling plate, stock number ACOCOO, between
the first audio tube, 12SQ7, and the out-
put tpbe, 50M, in lieu of the following
components used on earlier receivers:

Plate-load resistor, R5, stock no.
RC1H54; grid resistor, R7, stock no.
RCIH5S; Plate r-f bypass capacitor, C8
stock CP4'1'20.

These parts are eliminated when coup-

ling plate, stock no. ACDCOO is used,
although installation is otherwise inter-
changeable. To use the coupling plate

may cause a slight increase in the plate
voltage of the IZSQ7 tube, but no adverse
effect is made on the receiver. The resist-
anoe measured from the grid of the 501.6
tube to oommon B- is approximately 450K.
while the resistance measured from the
plate of the 12SQ7 tube to common B- will
give a reading which increases approxi-
mately 10 megohms in ma@itudc, caused
by the charging of the filter capacitors
since the receivers have no d-c return to

Bendix 526

This model appears on pages 16-1
through 16-8 0/ Rider's Volume XVI.
Either of two coils may be found in this
model. In some, an r-f coil making use oi
a small capacitor (3.3 auf) between the
start of the secondary winding and the
finish of the primary winding is used,
while in others an r-f coil with an added
tertiary winding is used in lieu of the
capacitor. These coils, when properly. used,
are interchangeable, and in the future
only r-f coils with the tertiary winding
will be provided as replacements.

If, in the receiver to be repaired, the
coil requiring the 3.3-uuf capacitor is re-
placed with'the other type, eliminate the
Siuuf capacitor from the circuit.

Bendix 646A

This model appears on pages 15-5 and
15-6 o/ Rlder's Volume XV. The change
involves a revision in thc replacement
par-ts list as follows:

In the cabinet components section of
the parts list on page 15-6, substitute the
stock number HZOSM for the existing
stock number HZOLOI which is incorrect.
The nomenclature and identification of the
componentpart is correct as listed.

This model appears on pages 18-1
Ihro'ugh 18-8 of Rider's Volume XVIII.
Recently it was discovered that in some
areas, the oscillator coil (Part N0. 142975)
developed trouble due to corrosive tape.
To avoid possible complaints in the field,
it is recommended that the coil be re-
placed with :1 new coil (Part No. 145105).

? John F. Rider

Bendix B473

lThis model appears on pages 17-7
through 17-14 a] Riders Volume XVII.
The replacement parts list on page 17-18
should be revised as follows:

The r-f oscillator chassis assembly bear-
ing the stock number ARUBOO is no longer
stocked as a complete replacement assem-
bly. This chassis can be repaired satisfac-
torily in the field and the necessary com-
ponent parts may be obtained as separate
stock items. when desired.

These models appear' on pages 151-11J
through 18-19 0/ Rider's Volume XVIII.
The part number of item 83 (volume con-
trol) was shown on page 18-19 as 39368-111,
This number should be 3936848A To use
the No. 39368-18 control on these models,
it will be necessary also to use a No4
39-370-2 plug-in type knurled shaft,

Thu-v vmodels .u'iz the, same as model
(in-100, app use on .m .~ 1' i zip-1.1111).

11.111 1./ 11,111.1. run-M, .\ "11, apr tint
thcv employ llu` P56MP record changer

Tho P56Ml' rworll changer is a reluc-
uinrc type pickup und. therefore, addition-
al 'Amp ication in thc phono circuit is
ni-ce>sar_\. A 65.17 Lube has` been added to
the phono circuit. us shown in the accom-

'I'hf :ln-uit 0/ lhr 6'5J7 lube that wus
.11/1164 a. that f. .Ulu-umm up mm

The` following, parts should be uddcd to
the parts list:

78057 Volume Control, 3 mcgoluns

94204 Power transformer

94239 Output transformer

13772 Speaker .

38696 Loop antenna for (EK-111,(1K-112

38859 Loop antenna for GK-114

26032 Loop antenna trimmer, (EK-114

22169 Pickup cable

22170 output table

22171 Power adupter cable

H273 C binet for (EK-114

H-291 Cabinet for GK-Ill Mah.

H-292-1 Cabinet fm' GK-112 C

11-2922 Cabinet for GK-1l2 Bl,

Federal 1027. 1035

Basically, these models are the same
both in chassis and cabinet as model 1025
which appears on pager 16-1 through 16-4
o/ Ride/s Volume XVI, However, differ-
ences exist in the exterior cabinet finish
and color of these models.

Federal l034

This model is essentially the some as
model 1024 which appears on pages 16-1
through 16-4 0/ Ridefa Volume XVI. The
only modification has been in the cabinet

These models appear on pages 17-15, 17-
20, and 17-94 of Rider; Volume XVIIv
The socket layout on page 17-15 applies
only to model 740, The socket layout for
model 711 is shown herewith: The sche-
mziliv and parts list refer to both models.

visor uw snow sew savor-:1

tum 5|;

www asses :iso-issue;

Socket layout /or the Fado `moclel 711.

Firestone R3157A

This model is the same as Model S7421,
2 appearing on pages 12-1920, 12-81, 15-6,
and C.S. 19-4 and 0.5, 12-6 a] Rider'l
Volume XII.

General Electric P4

This model appeals on RCD, CH, Pages
1745' through 17-9 of thefs Volume XVII.
The sound of a metallic click and audible`
thump through the receiver speaker is
usually traced to the operation of the
velocity trip mechanism. This is caused
by too much tension of the Clutch Ten-
sion Spring (reference 29 in Fig. 3 on
RCD. CHA Page 17-7) binding the velocity
trip lever. Adjustment may be made, re-
ducing spring tension to prevent bindingi
and still maintain normal operation. l

In earlier production, a unites quantityl
of record changers employed a flat spring
typo clip fitted over the pickup arm pivot,
shaft. The clip was brought to bear uponf
the clutch tension spring, compressing the
spring to the proper friction upon the
velocity trip lever as was necessary for`
proper changer operation. To provide al
more positive adjustment, later produc-l
tions use a Clutch Spring Tension Collar,l
in lieu of the original clip, which makes
a more convenient, accurate, and more
permanent adiustment.

If extreme difficulty is experienced in
proper adjustment of the earlier produc-
tion changers, the spring clip may be re-
placed with the collar, Cat, No. RMK-080,
A detailed view of the later version of
record adjustment is shown in FigA 6 on

This model appears on pages 1542
through 15-36 of Riders Volume XV.
The switch that is supplied under the
number RSW-009 is of a different con-
struction than the Original flat-wafer
switch. The accompanying figure shows
the numbers which correspond to those
in the schematic diagram.

Construction of
the wafer switch
replacement t or
the G e n e r a l
Electric 250.

Page 2:


MODELS 110, 110W, 111,


QEO N,>U ofducnvva? Zoo muwo>

H Esau

U35 a $5.521 Mme zo _k .22550

(C)John F. Rider

Page 3:


MODELS 110, 110W


Awe G35 Ulmgommz?

Es So. Snug 322735055

-coo m=mm vga *o acomuuun manoucm uns Luau-*_uno cyan

Eckw wwumnvao va asz away unvEszvw
umou >:w wo :oMuowuoLm wow &v>mvuwk

uvqu uzmuso Ez?mxns new wucmsvwshwm

hx nmcpum youve pagans wo uwzmp acH
.m .mmm mum
.M1 novawom mew umm was mvmo~u >_sz
uw now .uHLmeom -m dm *A _an Euma ou

APO xLaz ang

(C)John F. Rider

Page 4:


'MODELS 110, 110W, 111, ' Biiigli 5535 Eli

11251372; Description Nsumbe' DESCTWHO"

BT4SO4 BOARD-Terminal (4 terminal - "_IJOMOI KNGB-Maroon Control. ..........

BT4805 BOARD-Terminal (4 terminal -

1 mg')""""""'?"'?"'?"" CHASSIS COMPONENTS FOR MODEL |12

HSOCOO* SPRING-Coil Dial Cahle.............
acocoa+ cLAup-nial cable ........ ..... ______ CABINET ??MP?NENTS FOR MODEL "2
HCOSOO+ CLIP-Tuning Shaft Spring. , ., _ _, , _ . _ AIDZIT BACK-Luci) and. . . . . . . .` . . . q ..........

I Hcosao cLIp-1st. IF Mtg ............. ...... 320921 BAFFierfille Assy- *?' """"""
ucos61 sPRINc-Dial Back plate window ...... ED0M03 ESC"TCHE?N_Dia1~~'-' """ " """ "
MPOIOO+ pULLEY-Dial Cord Idler________,,___ ZW5A01 CABINET-Woad-....................1.

PIOP03 PLATE-Line Cord Insulator ...... . . _.

xsocoo+ sTR1P~Dia1 cable Protectdr......... Rciuss RESISTOR*Comp. 470,000 ohms iw (R9)

cAB'NET coMPoNENTs FUR MODEL 'lo WPODM WINDCN Dial Backuu. ........ . .....


HKOROO+ RING-Control Knob Retainer. . . DSOA28 DIAL-Scale ' ' ' ' ' ' '
HPOBOZ PMTE_B"B_HMNUNLH_ _nn _ GCODOO GASKET-Dial Mounting Cork......
KZOSOO+ STUD-Tr imount Dial Scale. . . . . . . . GR0D00+ GASKET-D ial Mount ing Rubber' ' '
KCOLOO KNOB_Beige CuntroL _ _ _ _ i . l _ _. . ? HKOR00+ RfI'fNG--Control` Knob Retainer. . . . .

HZOSOI STUD-Loop & Back Mtg ...............
v ZPOTOl CABINET-Plastic (Dark Brown k
CABINET COMPONENTS FOR MODEL I II Light Brawn). . ..... .......... ...
BZODlB BAFFLEJloth and Speaker ........... 200B05 Bmw k SIDE SECTIONS_ (Light
ED0M02 ESCUTCHEUN-Dial ------------ ~ zcoToz TOP & sIDE sEcTIoNsM(Dark Brawn)..

Y ECOSSS CLIP Spring Baffle Retainer.

HHODOl *1099411111 k ESC"*?be?n-~~ cABmET coMPoNENTs Fon MODEL ||s
HKOROO* RILTPC?th?l Knob Retainef~ 320100 KNOB-Ivory control ................

"30312 KNCBTcontrol* ' ' ZCOBO4 BOTTOM-Front Sections (Maroon). . . .
P10801 COVER~Asbesto Base Plate ........... Zcofrol Toplk Side Sections Ivoryun _____

(C)John F. Rider

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