B.F. Goodrich 92-527 Schematic

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Manufacturer:B.F. Goodrich (Mantola)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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General Electric 143

The connection between terminal number 4
of the 2nd i-f transformer to the 8,200-ohm
resistor R2 is connected at the intersection
with the B+ line. Late production receivers
incorporate the following changes in order to
improve the i-f stability. A 0.05-ui, ZOO-volt
paper capacitor has been added in parallel with
resistor R9. This capacitor has a reference
number of C16 and stock number UCC-045.
Capacitor C5 has been changed to a 0.1-uf,
ZOO-volt capacitor, stock number UCC-050.

General Electric 145

The following parts have been added to
provide replacement of the battery cover plate
and assembly parts:
in . Nr. Dominion

R (1-075 Cover rover puts oniy

RHR-oos A' binary spring nm
RHR-oiu battery clip river
RHW-ou ` timmy spring 'rather
ull-027 Insulator. insulator "up

RMC-037 Clip. balmy dip

RMS-189 Sprrnr, "A" battery spring.

The following miscellaneous parts have
been added. Most of these parts are required
because of the addition of brown and white

Rr . No. Donation

luis-mu cover. back our (shirt)

Mmm com, tier (sm ,sm-n)

sac-oss cover. loop rover (maroon) substitute
for sac-ow

RAC-mi cog-Fr, from ww, (what) includes

RAC-:nz com, from cover (brown) includes

Moors cover, imp mm (hmm)

Ronin Knob, bmw" mimi knob

RS'\V>>O70 iwwth. power, operates in coniuncLlon

General Electric 226

This model appears on page: 20-27 through
20-29 of Ride/.r Manual Volume XX. Re-
sistor R1, tube , V1 cathode resistor, was
removed from the circuit oi late production
receivers. This change results in an increase
of gain in the r-f amplifier.

Solid dots indicating circuit wiring connec-
tions should be added and placed in the
cathode lead of tube V4, one at the point
where the lead intersects the lower end of
R7, the other at the junction of R6 (low end
of volume control) and C10. The circuit will
then show the cathode properly terminated to

Replacement item RTO-075 should read
RTO-083, Audio output transformer.

General Electric 250

This model appears on pages 15-32 through
15-36 o/ Rider's Manual Volume XV. With
particularly rough handling, the battery
may be cracked while in place in the bat-
tery compartment, To forestall this failure,
an additional strip of sponge rubber may
be installed at the bottom of the battery
cover to give added padding. If the batf
tory does not charge and the fuse checks
o,k. and the rectifier disks are not defec-
tive, check continuity of the power cord.
A few isolated cases have been found in
which the power cord has opened up
where the cord fastens to the prong in the
molded plug. An appreciable increase in dura-
tion of operation from a fully charged bat-
tery can be effected in the following msn-
ner, realizing, however, that some degree of
performance is sacrificed in regard to sen-
sitivity and power output. Replace power-
supply filter resistor R17 (1,500 ohms) With
a 4,700-ohm, l-watt, carbon resistor, This
change should be made only when there
is a demand for longer duration of opera-
tion to one battery charge.

General Electric 200 Series

These models appear on pages 18-19
through. 18-20 o] Rider's Manual Volume
XVIII. The following changes should be
added to the parts list:

REM-002 Clip, for mounting speaker

RHM-004 Clip, dial scale mounting clip
for plastic cabinet models

REM-005 Clip, dial scale mounting clip

for wood cabinet models.

General Electric 250, 260

Model 250 appears on pages 15-36 through
15-86' 0/ Riders Illanual Volume XV. Mod-
el 260 appears on pages 164':l through 16-12
oy' Ridefs Manual Volume XVI. Add
REC-003, Antenna loop connector strip to
the parts lists for these models.

General Electric 856

This model appears on pager 18-40
through 18-44 of Rider's Manual Volume
XVIII. Resistor R12 has been changed
from 220 ohms, 1/5 W, to 330 ohms, 1/2 w,

B. F. Goodrich 92-527, 92-528
These models are the same as Models 92-523,

B. F. Goodrich 93-109. 93-110, 93-111
These models are the same as Models 93-10-1,

B. F. Goodrich 93-112. 83-113
These models are the same as Models 93-107
and 93-103.

HoHIncm C503 and C513, Ch. 115
These models are identical with Models

13503 and B513, which appear on pages

17-8 through 17-13 of Riders Manual Vol-

ume XVII, except for the following

1. Push-pull parallel 6K6's are used in the
output stage instead of push-pull 6V6's.
This is shown in the accompanying

Circuit changes for Hoffman 0603 and

2. On the recorder amplifier the screen
dropping resistor R11 has been changed
from 0.1 megohm to 2.2 megohms. The
cathode resistor, R1, for this stage has
been changed from 2,200 ohms to 4,700
ohms. This allows the screen current ol
the 6SJ7 tube to be self-regulating and
to eliminate variations in gain between
various 65-17%.

3. R31 and C49 have been added in paral-
lel to the Slsec 2, rear, wafer lead that
goes to the phonograph receptacle.

4, Capacitor C30 is now connected to the
variable resistor, R20, instead of to

This model is the same as Model AMP-
101A which appears on pages 17-1 and 17-2
of Rider's Manual Volume XVII, except
for the following change in parts values.

Ref. Part

No. No. Description

Montgomery Ward (EWG-672 Series
Model 04WG-672 appears on pages 12-31
and 12-32 of Ridefr Manual Volume XII.
Models A and B are the same as that
model which appears in Volume X11.
Models C, D, and E are similar to Model
04WG-672 with the following exceptions.
Model C employs a plug-in resistor, R13
and R12, The values remain the same as
in the earlier models. Model D employs
the plug-in resistor and, in addition, a new
oscillator coil and 2 section dry eleo
trolytic capacitor. In Model E the loop
antenna assembly has been redesigned.

Montgomery Ward 05WG-2745A
This model is the same as Model 94\VG-
2745A. To reduce regeneration in later pro-
duction rcceivers, the following changes were


L11 JSAS Insulated choke

C16 47X496 500 Iwi ceramic capacitor

R47 Bsnsz MoD-ohm, o.s-w carbon rerisror.

Montgomery Ward 14WG-518A,

These models are similar to Model
14WG-518 and l4WG-519 which appear on
palge 13-46 a] Riders Manual Volume

Montgomery Ward SUNG-20073.
74WG-2007B and C

These models are similar to 54WG-2007A
shown on pages 15-28 to 15-30 of Ridefs
Volume XV, except for the following
changes. The drive-cord length has been
increased and the following drive-cord
replacement instructions are to be used.

Tum the gang condenser to the fully
closed position. Use a new drive cord 121
inches in length and tie one end to the
tension spring. Fasten the other end of
the tension spring to the hook on the
drive pulley. Pass the cord through the
slot in the drive pulley rim and continue
around pulley 1A turn, counterclockwise.
Wind 31/2 turns counterclockwise (from
front of chassis) around tuning shaft.
Turns should progress toward rear of chas-
sis. Wind cord counterclockwise around
drive pulley in back of previous be tum.
Pass cord through the slot in the pulley
rim. Stretch tension spring and tie free
end of cord to the spring, Cut off any
excess string.

The component parts are the same as
those listed on page 15-29 aj Riders Val~
ume XV, except for those listed below.

Rel. Port

C-15 B67204 0.20 uf, 200 v, tubular
C-16 1367104 0.10 uf, 400 v, tubular
C-18 D67102 0.001 uf, 400 V, tubular

o John F. Rider

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