Bulova Watch Company C-751 Schematic

Bulova Watch Company C-751

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Manufacturer:Bulova Watch Company

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The field winding of the dynamic speaker has a 1320 and 300 ohm section. The 1320 ohm section is 15ed as a second choke in the filter system, the 300 ohni section is used to obtain bias for the 47 tube and also acts as an additional filter choke.


Page 2:

Never check voltages until all tubes are fully warmed up to proper operating condition. The voltage table given below is taken at 115 volts line with a Model 547 Weston set checker. It must be remembered that the voltage readings taken very directly as the line voltage and also with the accuracy of the meters used. A variation of 10% plus or minus is permissable.

*These readings are only comparative and are not true voltages applied. The volt meter, when the readings are taken at these points, is in series with a very high resistance.
** To read the 247 bias, read between H.K. speaker socket and ground.

The Intermediate transformers are of the band pass type and or exceptionally high uniform gain. They are tuned to 175 kilocycles. The intermedia to frequency trimmers are mounted on an isolantite base, preventing the transformer from becoming detuned due to the trimer condensers absorbing moisture of warping. For this reason it should rarely, if ever, be necessary to re-track the intermediate frequency trimmers. In the event that it should be advisable to re-align the intermediate frequency coils, it is absolutely essential that a 175 kilocycle oscillator and an output measuring device be used.