Cadillac Div. - General Motors 06W Schematic

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Manufacturer:Cadillac Div. - General Motors (La Salle)

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Notes on Mounting


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Hotea on Mounting

l marsh a bi E9.. .2k- .iu u- wnn gel... n.

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Battery Cable and Six Lead Cable

As shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the battery cable is
brought down the dash, through a hole in the dash
and thence over to the battery. It passes through
the raised portion of the battery compartment cover.

The lug on the lead marked "positive" is con-
nected to the positive side of the battery and the lug
on the negatively marked lead is connected to the
negative side of the battery. Ground the pigtail of
the shield by screwing the N o. 6 Parker Kalon screw
through the end of the pigtail and through the hole
in the lug which is grounded.

The six-lead cable between the chassis and the
speaker-"B" eliminator is usually brought over
along the dash as shown in Fig. 1.

Pilot Lamp

Before the control unit is permanently mounted,
complete the pilot lamp connections. The pilot lamp
cable is attached to the eight-prong socket. At the
end of this cable is the pilot lamp socket and clip,
the latter being attached to an angle bracket, Thi
bracket is to be screwed to the pilot lamp plate
which will be found in the bag of parts. A 1/1" 6-32
binding head screw, nut and lockwasher are pro-
vided for this purpose. The bracket is put on the
pilot lamp plate in such a way that the leads will
come out at the back of the control unit. The pilot
lamp plate is then screwed to the bottom of the con-
tliol unit by means of the lug on each side of the

Trying Out the Set and Adjusting

Fig. 7-Locan'on of Tubes

Fig. 9~Schemu?ilr Circnil Diagram

After the wiring has all been completed and be-
fore the chassis is permanently installed, try out the
set and adjust the antenna trimmer condenser,

To adjust the antenna trimmer, tune in a weak
signal between 1200 and 1400 KC with the volume
control about three-quarters on. On one end of the
chassis box is a small metal plate. Remove the two
screws which hold this plate in place. Directly under
the hole in the chassis box is the antenna trimmer
condenser screw. Turn this adjusting screw up or
down until maximum output is obtained.

The location of the tubes is shown in Fig. 7.

Page 4:


Parts List


Part No. Duerinthn
P-1763 No. 85 Tube Socket .........................
P-1761 No. 77 Tube Socket. . . . .
P-1762 No. 78 Tube Socket. .
P-1665 No. 41 Tube Socket. . . . . .
P-1760 8-Prong Male Plug .............
P-50581 Tuned Impedance Transformer.
P20546 Pinion Compression Spring. _.
P20544 Pinion Mtg. Bracket. .
P20586 Cond, Drive Pinion. .
P-205851A Cond. Drive Gear. . . . . . . .
P-1568-A Tube Shield Assembly ...........
I P-10263 1% Long Tube Bumper (Rubber) _
P-10210 % Long Tube Bumper (Rubber) .
P-30417 Volume Control Coupling Unit. . . . . .
P5094 2nd I, F. Coil and Can Assembly Complete. .
P-5063 1st I. F. and Oscillator Coil and Can Assembly
Complete . . . . . .................... . .
P5069 Complete R. F. Coil and Can Assembly. . ..
P-5064 Antenna R. F. Transformer only ..............
P-5065 Interstage R. F. Transformer only . .
P-20516 6-32 Wing Nuts for Chassis CoverfBlack. _. .
1120737 6-32 Wing Nuts for Chassis Cover-Red ......


Part No. Code No. Resistance Type
P-B90962 R1 . 260 ohm Carbon
P>A90948 R2 1 Megohm Carbon
P~A90948 R3 1 Megohm Carbon

50,000 ohm Carbon
500,000 ohm Volume Control

and Switch
P-B91047 R7 30,000 ohm Carbon
P-B90964 R8 800 ohm ' Carbon
P-A90947 R9 4,000 ohm Carbon

P-B91020 R10 15,000 ohm Carbon
P-B90950 R11 20,000 ohm Carbon

P-98001 R12 6,000 ohm Vit. Enamel
P-91013 R13 150,000 ohm Tone Control
I Condensers
Plrt No. Code No. Calamity Volt-ge Typo
P-80946 Cl .05 mfd. 200 V. Tubular

P-80821 CB .001 mfd. 600 V. Molded
I 4.0 mfd. 150 V. Electrolytic


Replacement Parts for Series 06W Receivers

"S" Type - Black Finish
"R" Type- Maroon Finish

P-80919 CS .00025.mfd. 600 V. Moulded
P-80945 09 .0005 mfd. 600 V. Moulded
P-80855 Cll .0005 mfd. 600 V. Moulded

.002 mid. 600 V. Moulded

P780903-J C5 0.1 mfd. Block

P-1539 600 K. C. Tracking Condenser
P-80938 Three-Gang Variable Condenser

P00940 014 .02 ,nf-1.400 v. Tubular
P00939 { 016 mo mm 225 v_ Electrolytic Block
1180872 020 .01 mfd.600v. Tubular
Part N0. Deltriou'nn

P50582 Power Transformer Assembly ...............
P-50583 "B" Choke Assembly-Iron Gore. . .
P-5089 "B" Choke-Air Core (2 Used) . .
P-5090 Dual "A" Choke-Air Core. . .
P-1765 Dual Vibrator Elkonorle. .
P-1766 Five-Prong Socket ..
P4767 Oil-OE Relay . . .....
P-1768 Automatic Load Relay.
P-70737 "A" Cable and Logs. ..
P-'70748 Six-Lead Cable, Ante , . amp
Cable and Eigthrong Socket Assembly,
Complete .............................
P4624 10 Amp. Fuse-Size No. SAG Fuse Block. . . .
P-1771 6-Inch_ Speaker-S Type Set ............ .
13-1772 S-Inch Speaker-R Type Set . .
P4790 5-Lug Terminal Strip. . .......... . . . . . . . . . .


Part Ne. Dserlothn

P20534 Dial Gear ................
P-20537 Dial Retaining Washer
P-30387-A Worm Drive Gear. .
P-3037S Anchor Bushing . . . . .

P30384 Anchor Bushing Clamping Nut
P-303S5 Anchor Bushing Hex. Nuts.
P4848 Lock Assembly . . .
P-30435 Keys .......
P-20724-A Lever . . . . . . . .
1120725 Ribbon Tension spring.
P4562 Knobs-S Type Set..
P4855 Knobs-R Type Set..
P-1610 Flexible Shaft 9% Inc . .

P-1611 Flexible Shaft 12% Inch..
P-1849 Dial Strip ...............
P-30437 Volume Control Drive Shaft
P-30390 Drive Shaft ...........
P-1563-A 6-8 Volt Pilot Lamp ....... . .
P>1871 Pilot Lamp Socket and Clamp ............. . .

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