Cadillac Div. - General Motors 072-A Schematic

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Manufacturer:Cadillac Div. - General Motors (La Salle)

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Please note: this content is a computer-generated interpretation of the above schematic and is provided only to help assist you in locating this schematic. For the actual text, please consult the schematic above. Thank you.

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N0. 072A Series Receivers (41 Output)

The form 375J Installation Manual and foregoing
service. supplement covor the 072 Series (38 output)
receivers. The copy in general is applicable to the
072A Series (41 output) as the sets differ only in the
audio amplifier. '

In Fig. 4 is shown the schematic circuit diagram
of the 072A set. The schematic circuit diagram of
the 072 set is shown in Fig. 1 of the Form 375J In-
stallation Manual, By looking at the two circuits the
similarity as well as the points of diiference can be

On this page is given an explanation of the parts
which are different in the 41 output set, a supple-
ment to the chassis parts list covering the new parts
used, and a complete voltage chart for the receiver.

Voltage Chart for 072A Receivers


Voltage,Pa.rt-.s List
Special Notes

Differences in 072A Chassis

lu comparng the No. 072 Series - (38 output)
receivers with the No. 072-A Series (41 output) the
following parts changes in the chassis have been
R-Z changed from 7 ,000 ohms to 6,000 ohms.
R12 changed from 50,000 ohms 'to 25,000 ohms.
R-13 changed from 900 ohms to 800 ohms.
R-14, as shown in the old schematic circuit dia-
gram (Fig 1 in the installation manual) is not used
in the new receiver.
(3-9 is changed from a .02 mfd. condenser to a .25
The No. 38 sockets are changed to No, 41 sockets.
A new audio transformer is used.
No. "B" fuse is used with the No. 072-A series re-

Type Across >> Plate Screen Gtrid N nfmal

'39 1st Audio 6. 88 88 4 3.0
'41 Output 6. 159 162 15 9

Noonfkoad bias voltages from cathode to ground.

Supplementary Parts List for 072A Receivers

New Parts Used in the 072A (41 Output)
Series Receivers

Plrt N0. Description

VAX-91029 R-Z - 6,000 ohm Carbon Resistor .....
IRA-91038 R-12-25,000 ohm Carbon Resistor .....
P'A'91023 R-13- 800 ohm Carbon Resistor .....
P50559 Audio Transformer ...................
P1665 No, 41 Sockets .......................

P-xunos-F (1-5-.1 mfd., 200 Bypass CW"

Parts Shown in 072 List Not Used in
072A Series Receivers

P-A-90979 R-2 - 7,000 ohm Carbon Resistori . ..

P>>A>>90941 R-lZ- 50,000 ohm Carbon Resistor. ..
P~AA91022 R-13- 900 ohm Carbon Resistor. i.
P-A-90929 ILM-500,000 ohm Carbon Resistor. . .
P50550 Audio Transformer ...................

P1530 No, 38 Socket ......... , ........ I ......

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_ PAGE 5-10 cADILLAc

MODEL 2722 (072%)



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