Carter Genemotor Corp. Genemotor Notes Schematic

Carter Genemotor Corp. Genemotor Notes

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Product Information:
Model:Genemotor Notes
Manufacturer:Carter Genemotor Corp.

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PNG: Page 1 Rider Manual Volume 4

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Page 1:

Radio sets having only two B. wires do not require an intermediate tap at the Eliminator as the necessary resistors are in the set. Sets having three B wires require an intermediate tap. This tap is set at the factory at 90 volts on 180 volt output and 67 1/2 volts on 135 volt output. Usually this is the proper setting for the average set, and should not be varied unless the set fails to operate properly. To change the intermediate tap voltage, loosen the screw that holds the contact on the resistance unit. The tap may be moved to a position where best results are obtained. Then tighten screw. When Eliminators with intermediate tap are used with set having 2 B wires disregard the intermediate tap, connect the 2 B wires from the set to B- and B+ on the Eliminator. Some sets work better if the B- terminal on the Eliminator is grounded to frame. Others require a small bypass condenser from B to ground.