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Cavalcade Radio Co. 359

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Manufacturer:Cavalcade Radio Co.

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MODEL 359 Schematic Installation Data


The set may be mounted by moans of a 3/8 Inch machine bolt placed through a hole in the center of a space to clear 9 1/8 x 7 inches, and having no obstruction within 7 inches from its surface which will then clear the auto chassis. The rear of the set can then be joined to the head of this bolt, and the nut attached to the bolt and tight oned against the opposite side of the partition, leaving the set in a rigid mounting. If, however, sufficient space cannot be found when mounting in this manner, the set may also be mounted from one of the smaller ends. This requires a space 7 1/8 x 7 inches, having no obstruction in front of it for a distance of 9 1/2 inchs. In this position the speaker should face towards the floorboard, or it at one side of the car, toward the center.

The two flexible shafts should first be connected to the radio, Ono shaft has two screw river anaped onds; this shaft is for the tuning control. One end is inserted in the center hole of the radio and twisted until well engaged; thon the set screw is tightened. The other end is inserted into the hole in the roar of the right hand knob on the control head, which is the tuning knob. The other shaft has one screw-driver and and one slotted end. The slotted end fits into the hole in the rear of the loft hand knob of the control hend, which is the volume control knob. The screwdriver and fits into the edge hole of the radio case, and must be woll engaged in the slot before set screw is tightened. Set screws for these shafts must be tightened on the control head as well.


The control head can next be secured to the steering column by means of the strap or bracket supplied for this purpose, or may be fastened to the dash itself in various positions. The pilot light already attached to control and in position, should be removed from tho socket in the rear of the control hond. Rotato tho tuning kob (right hand knob) clockwise as far as it will go thon, by means of
9mall screwdriver inserted in the pilot light sokoot, turn the pointer on the dial until it reaches the right hand end of the scale. Where there is no screw in pilot light socket, this type of control is self adjusting by rotating the pointer clear to one end of scale and than to other, which automatically sets the pointer in proper position,

Tho antenna is a shielded lead which is fastened into the holo at the left front edge of the container fitting into a Delco - Remy receptacle and may be fastened to aerial provided for this purpose by most set manufacturers. In case there is no aerial in the automobile, an extension of shielded wire may be brought down to an aerial of the strap type suspended between the front and rear axles beneath the car, or any other type of automobile antenna.


The connections to the " A " battery are made with the shielded lend which 1s brought out to the right rear of the set and is connected to the battery side of the ammeter. This will be indicated by no discharge being shown on the ammeter. Tho shielding is grounded to a convenient bolt or nut that may be loosened near the ammeter under which it may be tightened.


To operate the set, turn the left hand knob to the right and the pilot bulb in the control head will light, showing that the set is connected. After a minute or less, the tubes should be warmed up and by turning tho right hand control the stations desired may be tuned in whose frequency may be found on the dial. Adjust the volume by means of the left hand knob and do not turn off the station as distortion will occur unless it is tuned to the center of the signal


A car of the later type and in good mechanical condition will usually require no suppressors with this set. However, if the body of the car has loosened at joints duo to wear, electrical disturbances may be caused which will require bonding of these parts together with heavy braided conductors, soldered across this portion. If considerable motor noises are heard in at they will reach the set through two paths. First, through the " A " battery connection, which is common to the generator and may be corrected by a condenser either from the battery side to the ammeter to ground, or a condenser placed across the charging terminal of tho generator to ground. Second, by means of actual radiation from the ignition wires which can be can be reduced by shielding the antenna lead up to the antenna proper, Also, if necessary, suppressors may be inserted on spark plugs and distributor head.


If after all the above instructions have been followed and set does not operate, the top of the radio case may be removed by loosening the six screws holding it and ascertaining 1f all the tubes are lit and fully pressed into sockets, and be sure that all grid caps fastened. to the tubes are in place. If tubes fail to light, check the fuse in shielded lead connected to ammeter. If there is no light buzzing sound from set when turned on and set does not play, remove the vibrator contained in can in right rear of set which plugs into socket in the manner of a tube and replace. If the above instructions are carried out and the set still does not play, consult reliable service man.