CBS-Columbia 536 Schematic

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T1 and T2 at 455 KC tuning condenser plates completely closed. Connect generator with modulated RF signal to pin 8 - mixer grid 12SA7. Keep output of signal generator as low as possible so as not to overload IF amplifier or audio amplifier stages, volume control at maximum, Peak by audio signal from speaker, or an A.C. voltmeter connected across speaker.

R.F. Alignment:

1. Set pointer with condenser plates completely closed so that it is horizontal. 2. Turn tuning drive so that pointer reads 1400 KC. 3. Adjust tuning condenser trimmer Co for maximum response. Volume control at maximum, modulated signal from generator as small as possible. 4. Adjust Cr for maximum response as in step 3. 5. Repeat if necessary steps 1-5.


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Cabinet (Walnut or Ivory) Capacitor, Paper,. 002 MFD 400 V Capacitor, Variable Capacitor, Mica 47 MMF Capacitor, Mica 220 MMF Capacitor, Paper 05 MFD 400V Capacitor, Mica 330 MMF Capacitor, Paper. 001 Capacitor, Mica 510 MMF Capacitor, Paper. 01 Capacitor, Paper 02 MED 400V Capacitor, Electrolytic 40-40 ⠀ ¢ 150 Capacitor, Paper. 05 MFD 600V coil, Oscillator control, Volume w / switch Dial Crystal Drive Shaft Assembly Knob (Walnut or Ivory) Loop Antenna Pointer Resistor, 22000 ohm w Resistor, 1,500,000 ohm w Resistor, 330,000 ohm # w Resistor, 3.3 megohm Resistor, 220,000 ohm w Resistor, 2200 ohm Resistor, 4.7 megohm w Resistor, 1 8 ohm Socket, Octel wafer Speaker w / output transformer Transformer, I st. I.F. Transformer, 2nd. I.F.

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